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Thread: Cloudy Water/First Time Opening

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    Cloudy Water/First Time Opening

    I'm a novice pool owner. I have an inground 20,000g with a sand filter and I use chlorine.

    I took the mesh cover off 6 days ago and was greeted by a green swamp. I ran the filter continuously and brought the chemicals within parameters. I also added algaecide and shocked it several times. I now have blue water with no signs of algae. However, I cannot get rid of the cloudy water (about 3-4 days). I have been filtering up to 12-24 hours per day, monitoring the filters/backwash pressure, and also tried several treatments of clarifier. Any insight on what I'm doing wrong?

    LATEST TEST (about 4 hours after a shock):
    TH- 200
    CYA- 30-50

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    Re: Cloudy Water/First Time Opening

    Shocking is a continuous process, not something you do once and wait. Shocking Your Pool
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    Re: Cloudy Water/First Time Opening

    This is the fourth shock in less than a week. Should I keep at it? I've been doing the overnight test to measure the chlorine consumption. I was also unsure about what 'shock level' is. Is it the FC level that must be reached to have an effective shock? Also, would shocking and filtering rid of the cloudy/hazy water eventually in common cases?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Cloudy Water/First Time Opening

    border song,

    did you see the link in the thread above your last post?
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    Re: Cloudy Water/First Time Opening

    I did. I'd like to believe that I'm taking the right steps but thought I'd lay out what exactly what I'm doing on here to confirm that I'm not overlooking anything or making a simple mistake. Hopefully the cloudy water will vanish through time?

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    Re: Cloudy Water/First Time Opening

    So I'm by no means an expert and actually came by this forum requesting help and learned so much in such a short space of time... Prior to this site (and the pool school), I was shocking pretty much how I think you are and approached the recommendations in pool school skeptically, what I will say however is that THEY DO WORK...

    So - from everything I've read, you can't filter the cloudiness, you have to shock it (burn it away) using chlorine. To do this, you need to raise the chlorine level of your pool up to the recommended shock FC level in pool school and maintain it there until the shock criteria has been met (overnight FC test / cloudiness gone etc)...

    From my experience I can tell you:

    - You need to purchase one of the recommended test kits in pool school. Again, I was skeptical however only with the accurate chlorine test and my own CYA (stabilizer) test was I able to really shock properly.

    - You really do need to do the overnight test to make sure you're shocking process is done. As an example, it was 2 - 3 days before my overnight and combined chlorine tests were good and I do see the results now...

    - Don't try to do too much at once. Again I'm new to alot of this and a mistake I made was trying to shock, bring down the alkalinity, sort the pH out etc all at the same time. You need to shock, and because of this you need to first get your CYA (stabilizer) level right using a good test kit and then shock until your tests are good - I promise this will take longer than you think, but less that your fear and is totally worth it!!!

    Read the pool school and follow the instructions for shocking to the letter - you really are wasting money on chlorine and other chemicals if you don't.

    ... and for reference, I've learned and done this only in the past couple of weeks - see my thread here - chlorine-generation-t59105.html

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Cloudy Water/First Time Opening

    Thank you. That is the direction I needed.

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