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Thread: Sharp Rock under Intex Frame Pool Can I use side wall patch?

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    Sharp Rock under Intex Frame Pool Can I use side wall patch?

    Last week we put up our Intex 15 x 42 frame pool. I spent two days meticulously leveling the ground and tossing out stones. We have clay soil and after a very heavy flash flood yesterday, the ground under our pool shifted a little. We put a light layer of sand down after the initial layering, but only a light amount, with the tarp over it. I am assuming that the combination of weight of the pool and the saturation of the ground beneath from rains caused new rocks to work up. Anyways, the rock I stepped on today is quite sharp on one side and immediately punctured the liner a little when I found it while walking. I have the patch pieces from the Intex kit that was included with the purchase but I had to go to the local pool supply store for the under water cement. The employee recommended that I push the rock down forcifully with a baseball bat and then patch it over with three layers. I was wondering however, if I could do an initial patch with the regular liner and then use the thicker, sturdier liner patch from the pool side to cover the hole on the bottom. I am just very concerned with this rock making its way up to put another hole through the patches- and since the liner on the sides is so much sturdier I was thinking it would stand up to the rock better. Would it adhere well on the bottom you think? I am really quite aggravated- next year I will get the Gorilla pad. Unfortunately I only just learned about it and draining all the water onto the lawn to lay a new pad on the bottom is not an option Thanks so very much for help. This is my "test" pool. My hubby says if we can take care of this pool all summer he will give into a more permanent one with a deck in the future. So I NEED to get this fixed quick!

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    Re: Sharp Rock under Intex Frame Pool Can I use side wall pa

    Welcome to tfp, SarahB

    Is it a small rock and could you extract it through the hole then patch? From what I have seen, I would think the side material would make a stronger patch (but also might not match the bottom pattern?). Again, I do not have direct experience, but I would think the glue will work with either material.
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    Re: Sharp Rock under Intex Frame Pool Can I use side wall pa

    Either patch material with the underwater glue will work well. I had a couple holes in my first intex and the patch job I did held up great. It's still early in the season, and since there's a possibility of more rocks working their way up, I would consider draining and putting down a gorilla pad or foam insulation. But if that's really not an option, you should be fine with the patch.

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    Re: Sharp Rock under Intex Frame Pool Can I use side wall pa

    Same thing happened to me last year. The weight of the water stretched the liner over the rock so much that it made a hole in the liner. I got one of the pieces of liner, 3"x3", that came with the pool for patching and put Ultra Black RTV on it and then pressed it over the rock and hole. It sealed it completely. Ultra Black is used for automotive water pumps and head gaskets so you can get it wet but it will still cure.
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