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Thread: HELP new home with pool start up issues

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    HELP new home with pool start up issues

    First, I purchased a "season maintenance" contract costing around 1,200 because my husband travels a lot and I was scared that I would not know anything about how to maintain my pool. Opened pool May 17, now 2 weeks later still not useable, and cloudy, and over $200 more in chemicals.
    I used "liquid shock" which it seems is sodium hypochlorite, and wondering isn't this just ordinary bleach? And if not, is it different concentration, purity, or other ingredients? One gallon of it is 5 dollars.
    I used pristine check and pristine blue, and it became cloudy after I put that into the water. I was told the rain causes cloudy water, and then was told that dead algae that is too small to get filtered by the sand filter is the cause. What is the cause?
    I used fiber clear and "proteam superflock" to clear the water. It is still cloudy. I used "pH up" which is sodium carbonate, and it is still cloudy. Tonight I am supposed to use more liquid shock.
    Lab values this morning were pH 7.0, alkilinity 90ppm, pristineblue 0.26, iron 0ppm, hardness 135ppm, and free chlorine not run, total chlorine not run, and cya not run. This was done by the professional at the store.
    Yes, I now understand that probably getting into the contract was not what I expected, but the costs are starting to run up and I can't use the pool. I saw the BBB method on this website and I am wondering about these other products. What are they? Do I need them? Especially the really expensive "pristine blue and pristine check" products. Is it possible to use my large bucket of pH up (sodium carbonate) to maintain the pH at 7.4-7.8 like they suggest, and just use bleach for the rest? Is the cloudiness really tiny dead algae, or is it rain water clouds? Is the filter clear (cellulose) actually needed? How do I know when I can use the pool? I asked the pool people how do I know when the pool is safe and they said SAFE FOR WHAT? Like, well, safe for swimming, duh.
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    Re: HELP new home with pool start up issues

    Welcome to the forum.
    I feel so sorry for you!
    Any of those chemicals you have that are returnable I would do so immediately.
    "Professionals" that can't even give you numbers on FC, CC, TC, or CYA I would hope would "VOID" that contract you're under.
    I'd fix the PH right away, order one of our recommended test kits right away, then sit back and get a good grip on pool school and shocking your pool here.
    With no test numbers, how can they even tell you how much liquid shock (bleach) to add tonight? WE can't even give you good advice! A waste of money if you can't maintain shock level per your CYA numbers (which you don't even have).
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    Re: HELP new home with pool start up issues

    I'm from connecticut too. Welcome to the party! I just got a pool last year and I have been doing the bbb thing and it is great! Read up and buy the testing kit here. You will have it in a few days and you will be soooo happy to be doing it yourself, and with the help of friends here!
    My hisbandtravelslots too and I have five useless children but I find the pool the easiest part of my day and certainly the most fun! Beats doing laundry any day.

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    Re: HELP new home with pool start up issues

    Start here, we cannot help you without knowing the existing pool chemistry, buy the TF Test Kit and post your numbers, read Pool School and things will begin to make sense.
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    Re: HELP new home with pool start up issues

    Not many pool keepers, frustratedpoolmom is able to, can keep a pool proper with a once a week visit. How often are they coming? Can you get out of the contract? Please read pool school, top right link in every page here. You already are spouting out the proper names of chemicals so I don't think it will be intimidating to you.

    Buy the speed stir and you will feel like you are back in chemistry class, plus testing is faster and more accurate.

    Welcome! Glad you found us!
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    Re: HELP new home with pool start up issues

    Thanks. Looks like I will need to order the TF 100 kit from the internet. I hope it arrives before forever is up! Meanwhile I will see if the pool people can or will test those other items that were mentioned in the list that I need.
    I already paid for my pool care contract, I feel stupid and I wish I had trusted my own abilities more, but now I am out a lot of money.
    My goal now is to stop using the pristine blue supplies after I get my kit and figure this all out. I will post more of the lab results after I get my kit.
    17,000 in ground vinyl pool
    Hayward s200 series sand filter 24 inch diameter

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