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Thread: How to open a 4 yr dormant hot tub?

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    How to open a 4 yr dormant hot tub?

    Due to various issues, mainly long term travel commitments, I closed my tub 4 years ago. I am now ready to re-open it and have it up and running. I am concerned as over the last 4 years some water accumulated in the tub. There are no freeze damages and I am confident of that statement. What I am concerned with is molds/mildew and the long time sitting of stale water in the tub. It did have a bit of an algae residue. I have flushed it out with fresh water and drained it. My next step is to clean the tub with rubbing alcohol. I can reach all of the surfaces but what is in the pipes are of concern

    OK, now what should be next?

    I would think my first step is to decontaminate it. Other then the standard decontamination process that is on this site, it there another step or steps that I should undertake to eliminate any harmful bacteria that I have allowed to breed over the last 4 years?

    I have purchased all new filters. Should I use the new filters in the decontamination process?

    Is there a way to determine after the decontamination process that the tub is safe? I am thinking that after water balance, tracking FC usage with no tub use should be an indicator that the pipes are cleaned and free of bacteria or not. Is there a better solution?

    I plan on going the Dichlor/Bleach route for sanitation maintainance. I properly disposed of all my 4 yr. old chemicals and have purchased all new. I also purchased a Taylor test kit.

    Thanks for all the help and I will post up my results as suggestions filter thru.

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    Re: How to open a 4 yr dormant hot tub?

    My hot tub sat for several years full of water and not working. I thought it had died but come to find out it was a $20 circuit breaker. Should have checked a lot sooner. DUH. I drained, cleaned the inside with a chlorine and water mixture, soaked the filter for a few hours until it was clean in chlorine and water mixture, refilled, powered it up to get the water circulating, adjusted PH, added chlorine and kept it at shock level for 2 days (until there were 0 CC's). Cleaned the filter again and it was good to go!
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