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Thread: New to TFP - My next steps...

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    New to TFP - My next steps...

    Hey all,

    I wasn't sure where to post this so if there is another beginner's section, please let me know.

    I've lurked a bit here and there and finally decided I need to take control of my pool - especially since my 2 year old daughter wants to start using it. In fact, I took the blind plunge of becoming a supporter because I think it's great sites like this exist to help some of us not only help ourselves and our famalies, but possibly help others one day.

    I feel like I've wasted countless hours, $$$, and time trying to get a 'healthy' pool while seemingly going nowhere. Part of it, if not all of it, is my fault for not spending the time to educate myself. That changes now

    Before I post about my questions, issues, next steps, learning, etc. I need to establish a baseline.

    1) I'm going to go through as much as I can from the Pool School section first

    2) I'm going to order the TF-100 kit so I can play along (I just spent the same on 3 different testing kits so will donate them at Goodwill)

    3) I need to confirm the volume of my pool as we just took ownership a couple years ago and I can't confirm it anyway. Other than maybe breaking up sections and adding volume up, I was going to use something like unless someone has a better suggestion?

    4) I found articles here dealing with water change but am having trouble determining "when" I should change some water out. I don't know the last time the water was changed...but I'm having a lot of trouble with certain readings. I'm assuming I shouldn't even worry about this until I get the TF-100 and provide some values to figure out next steps?

    I still need to finish reading all of the good articles here so hope my questions are not premature. I just want to make sure I've done all I can before asking my real questions.

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    Re: New to TFP - My next steps...

    First, get a good test kit. Then measure everything. Only once you know your levels will it be clear what you need to adjust or if you need to replace water.

    The Pool Calculator has a fairly good tool for estimating pool volume. You don't need an exact number, just something in the ballpark.
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    Re: New to TFP - My next steps...

    You are on the right track, add as much info as you know about your pool in your sig as well as location, etc. Water changes are generally needed when CH or CYA are too high, but until you have your test kit you won't know where you stand with those.

    Just keep reading and re-reading pool school while you wait for your test kit to arrive, it will eventually make sense. About a year ago we moved into a house with a pool. After spending over $1000 in the first week I fortunately happened onto this site and now I have a better understanding of pool chemistry than the employees at the local pool store, which I rarely have to set foot in these days.

    Oh, and welcome!
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    Re: New to TFP - My next steps...

    Welcome to the forum. Thank you for having confidence in what we will not be disappointed, I promise. Hundreds of people here will help you to a crystal clear pool.

    All the old chemicals, inadequate test kits and lost time is water under the bridge, so here we go...

    1. Absolutely the place to start. read "The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" and then read "How to Shock Your Pool" Those are two great places to start.

    2. It'll ship within 24 hours or sooner of your order

    Other than maybe breaking up sections and adding volume up
    That what most of us do, I think. Tell us your sizes and we'll help.

    4. For now, don't worry about it. Get your TF-100 in and post a set of test results....we'll go from there.
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    Re: New to TFP - My next steps...

    Thanks all.

    I ordered the TF-100 just now and printed out many of the articles to keep with me.

    I'm actually excited (for the first time) to get on top of the issues, however small or large.

    I've used the pool an entire 2 times since we moved in so at this rate, it's cheaper for me to just fly and use Obama's pool than have one myself...but my daughter is at the age where we want to start teaching her so I want to know the water is fine.

    I'll post soon with my issues, have my sig updated, a picture or two, etc.

    Thanks again and look forward to learning.
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    Re: New to TFP - My next steps...

    Welcome to tfp, agoldenbee

    Quote Originally Posted by agoldenbee
    I ordered the TF-100 just now and printed out many of the articles to keep with me.
    Now that you have the right tool coming, you will have your water sparkling clear and trouble free in no time!
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    Re: New to TFP - My next steps...

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Just wanted to say congrats on taking control of your pool. Your in good hands here with any questions you have.

    Enjoy your summer with your new found knowledge.

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