Just installed a new timer. Wired load and line opposite, so just switched that back to proper so the timer will function properly. Anyway...I did not notice it when I purchased the timer, but it appears as though I purchased an indoor mechanical timer. I purchased a 240 V mechanical timer by Woods from Menards. I should have looked closer, I only looked for a 240 DPST timer. The only difference that I can see between the indoor vs outdoor box is the presence of a seal/gasket around the edge, a different locking mechanism (external) and a different mounting setup. I was thinking about mounting a gasket to the door, and even using some silicone to protect/seal the mount holes. I cannot think of a good method to seal the locking mechanism, but my outdoor panel does not have a seal on the locking post. Unfortunately, it is already installed, and anchored to the house, so I do not want to buy a new timer box, whose screws will not match up resulting in more holes in the wall. Menards does not carry the outdoor version in the 240 DPST style. Let me know if there is anything else that I should consider if sealing the box with a gasket is feasible. If not safe, I will bite the bullet and reinstall with the proper timer. Thanks for your help.