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Thread: Installation Hiccup - Need to remove liner

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    Installation Hiccup - Need to remove liner

    I laugh at past me who posted this over three weeks ago.

    As predicted in that thread, it's been less than fun at times during the installation. For a while there, the universe seemed against us doing it at all, as it would rain literally every time we had a chance to work on the pool. We found that the hole was cut too small for the install, probably due to miscommunication. We (I take all the blame for this one) managed to get the wall fully installed using the stabilizer rails as the bottom rail. That's just the stuff I remember.

    Yesterday, my beautiful and patient (mostly) wife and I managed to swap out the rails and get everything level one more time. Today, we got the sand level, installed the pad, installed the liner, and started to fill the pool and smooth wrinkles. As I was putting the stabilizer rail and support caps on, something didn't seem quite right. Turns out the some of the feet on one end of the oval are too far in. The wall is bulging where the radius meets the straight side, and the supports are leaning back a bit.

    Long story short, we're going to need to move the feet back a few inches and re-level. Again. That means pulling the liner and pad. We just don't have the room to work outside the pool, and frankly, we're pretty paranoid at this point about the measurements. There is 3–4 inches of water in the pool right now.

    We went to the home improvement store and bought:

    • Hooks, line, and stakes to tie the wall down and provide support. We'd been using metal posts and clamps, but I feel that they were part of the problem. We fidgeted with them, but one or another was always pulling the wall a little too far, and it seems they were masking this problem.[/*:m:2ia2oym2]
    • A rotary laser level (After this is done, I'll probably be happy to have this new toy.)[/*:m:2ia2oym2]

    My question is: Does anyone have any experience pulling a liner and some advice for us? Neither of us has any experience with pool liners. I don't think it has stretched much, although I know it has probably stretched a little. We're probably going to pull most of the water out with a ShopVac. Other than being gentle and trying to fold it as neatly as possible, is there anything we can do to minimize the risk of tearing?

    Thanks for any wisdom you can send our way. Donations of alcohol, tissues, or Xanax will also be accepted.
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    Re: Installation Hiccup - Need to remove liner

    Welcome. That's a bummer. Just use the same care that I'm sure your using already with the liner. Maybe you could get another set of hands. Looks like you have a plan. I know it's a real "PITA". You'll get it.

    Good luck with everything and keep us posted.

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    Re: Installation Hiccup - Need to remove liner

    Since the liner is so new it won't have permanently stretched at all. It'll be just like it was new. Just get the water off it and fold and roll it up and handle it like you did when you first opened the box and you'll be fine.
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