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Thread: Intex Pool Heating Suggestions

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    Intex Pool Heating Suggestions

    Using a 10'x30" Intex metal frame pool, Intex SWG and AquaPro Sand Filter Pump Combo (.5 HP, 30g per minute). The pool is for our toddlers and need a good way to heat it.

    Really am not impressed with what I have read or watched on line about solar products, plus big and bulky, wife doesn't like that.

    Can you give me some recommations, have read about things like Spa heaters...researched electric Raypac Spa-Pack, using water from hot water tank with a hose or anything like that or other thoughts? Would prefer not to invest in a long term solution like natural gas etc. until we know for sure this is for us.
    24' round, 52" deep Intex Ultra Frame pool, Intex filter & SWG combo.

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    Re: Intex Pool Heating Suggestions

    Welcome to tfp, thalls

    You in kind of a tough position for heating. Your pool is big enough (1200 gallons) and not insulated such that it will require more significant heating than a typical spa, yet you are not so big such that typical pool heating (gas or heat pumps) will be appropriate...yet alone cost effective. Keep in mind if you do invest in the spa pack and the required electrical work (you will need a large electrical heater that will likely require 40-50 amp 220 service), you will likely either get rid of the pool soon (kids get bigger) or upgrade to a pool that is too large to be heated by the spa pack.

    In the end, a couple of solar panels (or maybe even one 2X20 panel) may indeed be the best/cheapest approach. Another option might be to "warm" the pool with hot water from your heater. This will be expensive, but might get you by when the water is cold.
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    Re: Intex Pool Heating Suggestions

    A big piece of black visqueen over the top ought to stop cooling by evaporation and grab a lot of solar heat. It's cheap enough to experiment with! ... aOm09KsiSo
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    Re: Intex Pool Heating Suggestions

    Thanks for the input, I see you have an idea about solar panels 2x20' etc. and I have just found a few on line and that could be an option. Here is my question on that method, I would need to place them on my roof as there to maximize daylight. The lowest portion of my roof would be appx. 25' to 30' from the ground. Is it feasible to think that I could run this through my .5HP 30GPM pump or really now need to look at a secondary pump like a sump pump etc. If I need to go the route of secondary pump to reach that height what sort of specs would I need to look into?

    Thanks for you help!
    24' round, 52" deep Intex Ultra Frame pool, Intex filter & SWG combo.

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