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Thread: Aqua Comfort SCC-40 salt gen

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    Aqua Comfort SCC-40 salt gen

    Hello all
    I am having a problem with my salt generator and before I throw it over the fence maybe someone can help. The filter has been running 2 weeks now and the salt gen is showing a water flow alert off and on. One second it shows normal then I'll come back and check and its showing water flow problems. At first I thought maybe the connection from the flow valve was bad so I put 2 new budd connectors on. I also tightened the 2 wires going to the posts on the salt gen tube. Still having problems so I took the cover off of the power unit thinking maybe something was eating at the wires or maybe something was loose. With everything I couldn't reproduce the flow fault by jiggling the wires. Now should I unscrew the flow valve to check it IF there is anything to check? I also tried seeing how much a replacement flow valve would cost but couldn't even find one. I have an Aqua Comfort SCC-40 that was installed with the pool in 2009. Last year it was giving me problems also but not as bad
    Yesterday I bought Muriatic acid and all I could get was the Home Depot "safety Kleen" which isnt as powerful. I deluted about 4 to 1 and put the cell in a bucket on its side because I couldn't find a cleaning cap for it. It didn't bubble like they said it should but I left it in for about 10 minutes, rinsed and then put it back in with a 3 to 1 mixture. It didn't look bad to begin with but that wound up not helping. What to do next?
    Ps the salt level is good

    Thank you and wishing all a safe Memorial Day

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    Re: Aqua Comfort SCC-40 salt gen

    The first thing to check is that your are getting full water flow. Feel a return jet and make sure it feels as strong as normal. Check the skimmer basket(s), pump strainer basket, clean/backwash the filter if needed, and make sure that all of your valves (if any) are in appropriate positions and not blocking water flow.
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    Re: Aqua Comfort SCC-40 salt gen

    Yes thank you and the returns are full force. I just went back out with a second pair of eyes and found that the wire coming straight out of the top of the flow sensor must be pinched. It is completely bent down at 90 degrees and when I picked it up so it is pointing back up the water flow fault went away. I taped up the wire at the base to see if that gets me through the day. Would anyone know if that wire is serviceable if I were to remove the sensor?
    This falls under Always something!

    Thank you

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    Re: Aqua Comfort SCC-40 salt gen

    I have been trying to get a Flow Switch for my Aqua Comfort (Resilience) SCC-40 system. Can anyone point me in the right direction??

    Thank you

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