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Thread: No Electric To Pump

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    No Electric To Pump

    Hey folks,

    I know this isn't an electrical forum, but hopefully somebody might be able to give me some insight. Everything was working great, but this week we got some rain and now I'm getting no power outside to my pump at all.

    2 circuit breakers and 2 lines. One goes to my pump and one goes to a GFCI outlet next to it. Both are in the same conduit and same outdoor electrical box.
    There's a timer for my pump in the basement (doesn't affect the outdoor outlet).
    There's a GFCI outlet in my basement. When tripped, timer loses power and thus pump loses power. Not sure if outdoor outlet does too.

    This week, the GFCI outlet in my basement tripped a few times with the rain. This morning though, it wasn't tripped, and the one outside wasn't either, and the circuit breakers weren't either. Yet, no power. I flipped the GFCI outlets and circuit breakers and timer switch, just for the heck of it, but still no power.

    I'm at a loss...if circuit breakers aren't tripped, and GFCI outlets aren't tripped, and the timer is set on, how could there be no power?

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    Re: No Electric To Pump

    I always suspect GFCI outlets, which can fail rather more often than other things. I suggest testing any GFCI involved to make sure it is still working.

    The next step is to get out a multi-meter and double check where there is power and where there is not power. I would start at the pump and work backwards until you find something with power. That will greatly narrow down where the problem might be.
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    Re: No Electric To Pump

    I'm no expert but I lost power to my pump last summer after an electrical storm. I tested for current starting at the pumb and working my way back (as a PB who couldn't come out for a week told me to). I discovered that it was my timer that got fried by lightning. I was able to bypass timer to get power to pump ASAP as we were having a pool party for 7 yr olds that afternoon.
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    Re: No Electric To Pump

    If these are coming from a sub panel make sure the panel itself has power (does anything with a breaker in that panel work), if not check the upstream breaker at the main panel that feeds the sub panel.
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    Re: No Electric To Pump

    No extra subpanel.

    The timer is good, which I know because when it has power I can hear a buzz from it, and I'm hearing that now. The GFCI in the basement is good, because when I test it, the light comes on. And so along with that obviously the breakers are good.

    So, the problem probably lies within the electrical box outside, which has the GFCI outlet and a simple switch. When I test the GFCI outlet outside, the light doesn't come on. Also the switch lights up when it loses power, but that's not happening either. I don't know which gets power first, but like JasonLion said, it's probably the GFCI outlet. Didn't realize they could just fail like that, hence my post.

    Thanks for the help everyone.
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