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Thread: Identifying my sand filter

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    Identifying my sand filter

    This is my first post, but I've been lurking on the forums for a while now .

    I'm a relatively new pool owner as I purchased a new-to-me home last year, so have 1 pool season under my belt. Everything went great last year, but this year is off to a bumpy start.. torn winter cover, torn liner, now sand in my pool. I'm not 100% sure how old my pool equipment is, but I'm guessing 10+ years is likely. I think there was sand in the pool towards the end of last season but I didn't know what I was looking at. I noticed some sand in the lines coming from the filter when I hooked everything up this year that was probably left over from last season. In any case, now that I know it's not normal to have this sediment in the pool, I'm looking to fix things.
    I know I have a Hayward sand filter, but I'm not sure of the model as all of the external stickers/labels are gone. Do I just measure the diameter at the center to match it to a model? For example, if it's 24 inch diameter, is it a S244T? I'm guessing I have one more broken laterals but I won't have time to empty the sand and check for a few days. I'm not sure when or IF the sand has even been changed in the unit but judging by the previous home owner's other handy work, I'm guessing that's a no. The filter does a pretty good job outside of pumping sand into the pool and when/if the water seems cloudy adding a little DE does the trick.

    The multi-port is SP-711-TXC which also has a few problems (dead spring under the handle for example). Is it better to look for replacement parts and fix the multiport or just buy a new one? From what I'm reading, this older multiport has been replaced with a SP0714T model now, correct?

    Other details:
    In-ground (not sure how many gallons right now, looking to calculate this week just need to measure as the pool is irregular shaped)
    Starite dura glas 3/4HP pump (working great)
    Aquapure Salt water system (working great)

    Thanks in advance everyone!
    - Brian
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    Re: Identifying my sand filter

    Brian, I'm just a couple years ahead of you as far as pool knowledge goes, so I'm no expert by any means. My pool is about thirty years old, and the filter is about 15 Years old. It is a Hayward S-200 with a vari-flow valve like yours mounted on its side. You should post a picture of yours so we know what you have. My S-200 is easy to service, just remove the hardware, about 24 nuts & bolts and the top lifts off. Once inside remove all the sand so you can inspect it for cracks, or broken parts. Mine has about eight fingers with fine slots so the sand does not get expelled to the pool. Unless someone put the wrong sand in it, I would gues something is broken or disconnected inside. As far as replacing 10 year old pool equipment, I would say its a good chance stuff that age is worn, and maybe ready for replacement! But I generally do not replace anything that is not broken. I guess it depends on what it is. Anyway, you came to right place for pool help, this forum is excellent!
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    Re: Identifying my sand filter

    I would replace the spring and a few other small components on the multi port valve rather than get a whole new one.

    I would also bite the bullet and pull the sand out before ordering the new replacement lateral. You never know if the previous owner has stuck with the same parts during his repairs; and you don't want to go through returning laterals that should go with the filter that you have but for some reason doesn't. I also recommend purchasing an extra lateral or two as they can become brittle and break during repairs.

    If shutting off the pump while waiting for the parts eats you up too much then you could reconnect the multi port to the filter and run it in recirculate mode, by passing the filter until laterals come in.

    When it rains it pours! Good luck with the repairs.
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    Re: Identifying my sand filter

    Generally speaking sand never needs to be replaced, you can just reuse your old sand and top it off if you choose to repair your old filter, assuming the correct type of pool sand was in there to begin with.

    Before you get to repair though, you may want to take a moment to decide if a sand filter is appropriate for your location, sand filters waste a lot of water during backwashing, and if you live in an ares where water is expensive or you face potential seasonal water restrictions now may be the time to switch to a filter technology that consumes less water.

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