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Thread: Overflow? Is it needed and if so, how do I install it now

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    Overflow? Is it needed and if so, how do I install it now

    Hey everyone,

    I've been building a gunite pool thinking that I can do this with all the info on this site and the web and so I began some time ago in this quest. My problem is when I received the skimmers, the instruction sheet noted that there was an auxiliary port on the skimmer but it didn't state to use this as an overflow. I know, you are all thinking what a dope (I've had that same thought many times).

    So I didn't pipe for an overflow but now wish to have one. The concrete deck is poured but the tile isn't installed on the deck yet so I can cut the concrete and pipe into the drain line that I have for the trench drains. But I'm concerned that I may cut through the bonding wire as it runs right where the concrete needs to be removed. And I don't think the bonding wire is buried as it was attached to the wire mesh in this area. If I did cut the bonding wire, I could chip out the concrete and splice / reconnect with new lugs but I would prefer to keep the wire intact.

    And another concern I have is will I be able to clean the pvc port on the skimmer well enough for the drain line to attach to the skimmer.

    Is there anything available that has a sensor that can be installed in the skimmer and open an overflow valve at the pump area? Similar to the remote autofills (another item that I didn't install when I should have).

    I thought about forgetting the overflow and just try to drain the pool manually but I live in Florida and we can get 3-4 inches of rain frequently. If I'm home, no problem but if not, then the pool overflows.

    Does anyone have a solution?


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    Re: Overflow? Is it needed and if so, how do I install it no

    Welcome to TFP.

    3-4" of rain won't hurt the pool. It will only fill to the top of the pool, and even that won't hurt anything other than the skimmer not working to clean the surface. If you get a real downpour such as a hurricane, the more water the pool has, the better to keep it from floating. I wouldn't worry about an overflow. Evaporation takes care of most of it.
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    Re: Overflow? Is it needed and if so, how do I install it no

    +1 what john said. I have never needed an overflow in 8 years. If I ever do, I'll pump to waste.
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    Re: Overflow? Is it needed and if so, how do I install it no

    John, Dave,

    Thanks for the replies. Not having to install the overflow would be a blessing but I've also read other posts on this site where folks are wanting to prevent the pool from overflowing in order to prevent water from getting back behind the pool walls, leaking between the coping and the bond beam. Is that a big concern?

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    Re: Overflow? Is it needed and if so, how do I install it no

    If the pool is outdoors, everything about the pool will get wet, inside and out. Water getting behind the wall and into the coping and bond beam is not a big deal, it happens all the time for people in high water table areas.

    An overflow is nice to have in certain situations, but it also increases complexity and the odds of having a problem. It doesn't solve any critical problems, it just saves you the tiny effort of draining water from the pool when the water level gets to high, which in most places is not very often.
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