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Thread: confused with my CYA results

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    confused with my CYA results

    I can not understand why my CYA is reading high. I have a taylor kit. I lost a lot of water over the winter, so I opened my pool with 3/4 fresh water fill up. I used city water. I used 2 pounds of dichlor shock, like I do every year. I have not added any more chemicals. That was a week ago today. My test today was ph: 7.4 FC: 8 TA: 100 CYA: 90. I do not know why I have such a high cya when I filled more than half the pool with new water and I did not add any stabilizer. I used some strips just for giggles and it showed my cya is low. I do not know what to believe.
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    Re: confused with my CYA results

    are you letting your water get to room tempature if your water is cold. I know i was getting higher readings when i tested colder water and someone on here told me to let it get to room tempature before doing the test
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    Re: confused with my CYA results

    If you did the test in dim light, it will read a lot higher than it is. I always do mine in full sunlight on the bright reflecting patio, turned so I don;t get any sun directly on the sample so I don;t get any glare on the surface.

    Also try pouring it back in the mixing bottle and shale again, then repeat it several times until you're confident.
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    Re: confused with my CYA results

    my water is 78 degrees and looks great. My wife, daughter, and I took a dip couple days ago. The water felt good. Is it normal that I still have a FC of 9 when I haven't added any bleach since my shock a week ago? I want to make sure my CYA is correct before I start adding bleach. Thanks Jeremy
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    Re: confused with my CYA results

    Have you tested again and gotten the same results? I have made mistakes while testing such as filling water to the wrong level or adding too much reagent.

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