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Thread: Cloudy Water

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    Cloudy Water

    I am a new member and registered because I have information on SWG causing cloudy water from jets. I have an Aqualine Goldwater SWG. T-cell 15. Inground/vinyl pool/36k gallons. I had the circuit board replaced bc it's still under warranty. That's a different problem with a simple solution I found on another thread if your warranty is expired. Anyway... When it's generating I get the milky white water coming out of the jets. I don't have leaks. It only does it when the SWG is turned on (auto or super chlorinate). I have been researching this issue for a few days. I added the SALT opening chemicals when I opened it bc I didn't know the SWG wasn't working. Then I added tons of shock, chlorine, NON foaming alg, and a clarifier and was treating it as a reg pool until the SWG was fixed. It had been clearing up pretty good until the SWG was repaired. As soon as I turned it on- milky water out of jets and foamed up the pool. It looked like a bubble bath! I've been dealing with this for a week. It HAS dissipated some but still happening. My chem levels are all within normal range and salt is 3400 ppm. I just hung up with Hayward tech support for Aquarite Goldline SWG- (908) 355-7995. I had a nice guy that never heard of it. He put me on hold for 15 minutes. He spoke with the chemical engineer (so he said) and the ANSWER was: The chlorine produced from the cell is reacting with something I put in the pool. Algicide? Clarifier? Bags of shock? Who knows? Anyway... He said to let it run for a few days and it should take care of itself. I drained a few inches and am putting in freshwater. I will probably do this a few times. I will let you know my results!!

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    Re: Cloudy Water

    The milky white water is tiny bubbles of hydrogen from the chlorine generation process. They should dissipate fairly quickly, but apparently something in the water is causing the foam to remain. Clarifier or algaecide is a possibility.

    It would be helpful if you could post a set of test results.
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