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Thread: Intelliflo VS+SVRS Problems...error code to clear drain

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    Intelliflo VS+SVRS Problems...error code to clear drain

    Hi all. I have been battling this all during the overnight with no avail.

    I purchased a home with an existing 18x36 vinyl IG pool with DE filter, 2 skimmers and main drain running 1 1/2" to the pad. Before starting it up, I switched out the old pump for an Intelliflo VS+SVRS and IC40 SWG.

    I had a company that did the original construction come out to verify my setup, and make sure the system was running properly. They started the pump up, and made sure everything was working. They said once I got home yesterday afternoon, I was to vacuum the pool, setting it to waste and bring down the water level a bit at the same time.

    Ever since doing that, I am continually getting an error code on the unit, telling me to clear the drain before restarting.

    Now, I understand the theory behind why the pump could be stopping, but I have done everything I can think of in my power to resolve the issue. Although I can't see the main drain because the pool is so green (and I'm guessing the approximate location, since I am new to the pool) I have tried to sweep any debris away from it, and made sure the baskets are cleaned in the skimmer and the hair and debris pot on the pump. None of the valves are closed, and it looks as though there is ample water in the pump during the priming phase. I did the direct replacement of the pump myself, but it was a relatively easy process, since the old pump was 230V and the piping was already in place,

    I spoke with Pentair on the phone this morning, and the person first chastised me for using a pump with SVRS, because that is normally used only for commercial applications, and because residential pools are sometimes built differently, the SVRS will detect more potential "false alarms". They did have me change some of the priming settings, including the priming time and sensitivity, but it still hasn't resolved the issue.

    At this point, my lack of sleep and the fact I had just started to add the chlorine when everything came to an immediate halt, has only added aggravation to the situation further, and my limited knowledge on the system is leading me to the forum for any possible solutions.

    Does anyone have an explanation why the thing apparently ran fine until after I vacuumed to waste, and more importantly, what I can do to keep the pump up and running.

    Thanks in advance for ANY advice!
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    Re: Intelliflo VS+SVRS Problems...error code to clear drain

    Most likely there is something clogging the suction lines. Happens a lot when vacuum a lot of debris.

    Put a hose into the pipe coming into the pump and seal it with a rag. Turn on the water and see if you can flush out any blockage backwards.
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    Re: Intelliflo VS+SVRS Problems...error code to clear drain

    Having same issue, did u figure it out.
    ps wouldn't lowering the sensitivity defeat the svrs main purpose? lol
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