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    Hi all!!! id like to thank everyone for this site, tons of great information, so much to read, a little overwhelmed right now. I opened my pool 40000 gallon gunite and just installed SWG Pool Pilot Digital. sorry to say but water was tested at a pool store (it was before i educated myself with pool school and ordered my test kit) was told everything was good to go home add salt and fire up pool pilot. I have kept the system running straight on boost mode for 4 days now. got the water tested by the pool store each day and went from a fc reading of 3 the 2nd day to zero today. I still have to rely on the pool store to test the water because my test kit has not yet arrived. last year i had a bad algae problem and noticed when i opened the pool i still had some yellow stains on the pool walls. i have been brushing everyday and got most of it out. due to my low reading of fc i wanted to shock the pool. i am assuming that my low reading has to do with a low CYA. was told today that my CYA was 30. i can't say i know fore sure till i get my kit. I went to the store today and purchased 2 gallons of CYA & 10 gallons of LC 12.5%.. my ph is high at 7.8 and ta seams ok based on their test. i wanted to get a move on this so the water is good for the weekend. would it be ok to add the two gallons of cya and start shocking the pool b4 getting my test kit (should be in tomorrow or the next day) ? should i worry about adjusting the ph first or just get started on the cya and fc? also should i turn the pool pilot off during this process?

    pool store reading today

    fc 0
    ph 7.8
    cya 30
    salt 3200
    ch 170
    ta 90

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    I would try to start shocking now with liquid chlorine, don't raise CYA until you know you don't need to shock any more because higher CYA means the need for more liquid chlorine to finish shocking, at 30 for CYA you should have enough sun protection to not loose all your FC too fast. You will be guessing and running somewhat blind until your FAS-DPD chlorine test arrives, but it sounds like you may just have a mild case of algae, and boosting your FC to expected shock level with the liquid chlorine will likely partly knock it down or at least keep it from getting worse until your test kit arrives.

    Getting to shock level should take about 5 gallons of 12.5% bleach for a pool the size of yours

    test FC as soon as your kit gets there, and boost back to shock level as needed until it holds FC over night
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    Do not touch the CYA until YOU can test it. It is better low than high so.....

    Just get bleach and go from there with the shocking.

    Check the prices of the stuff you are buying as most times you can get it cheaper at Walmart or Lowes instead of the pool store.

    Good luck!
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    Just to reiterate what was said above but FIRST you should use Muratic acid and lower your PH to 7.5
    THEN proceed with shocking since it sounds like your FC is not holding. Turn off the SWG so you can get an accurate reading on the FC and KNOW FOR SURE if it is holding overnight and anything lurking is dead. Once you have your kit, confirm the FC is holding overnight, allow the FC to drop down to the "normal" level and turn the SWG on. While you are waiting for it to drop down, you can add your CYA.
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    Ok thanks guys just added about 7 gallons of lc will test later hoping my test kit comes in today

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