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Thread: **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!

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    **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!


    Pump 1 1/2HP
    Filter: Pentair Tagelus TA60D (Not sure how old the sand is. Would guess around 4yrs)
    Pool 10 -12,000 gallons

    My back yard recently flooded and filled my pool with dirt. I was able to filter the dirt out, but the water was still a greenish brown from silt. I tried the trick of adding DE to the filter( I used roughly 2 1/2 cups (I think this was too much trying to get the 1psi rise). It helped clear up the pool, but now I'm having issues with the DE itself. While running the pump and filter, I can see see small amounts of DE returning to the pool from the inlets. At night I can see a lot of small particles (DE) floating in the water in the pool light. If I run the pump/filter for an extended period of time a large amount of DE will be returned to the pool all at once. This will cause it to cloud up temporarily then a large amount will float to the top of the water. (This is just like what some describe when the first add the DE to the pool)

    This past Saturday, I tried vacuuming the bottom of the pool to waste (after letting it sit overnight) and backwashing the filter several times. I checked the filter to make sure the sand was at the proper level. I had to add about 35lbs to get it to the level specified in the manual.

    From what I read backwashing would remove the DE. The last time I backwashed, flushed, then went back to filter, thats when the large amount of DE returned to the pool. It seems like the DE is not being removed during the backwash.

    Any ideas on how to get this stuff out?? I'm about to drain/refill the pool and change the sand as a last resort.

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    Re: **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Have you check the condition of the seals in the backwash valve? If damaged that could allow dirt/DE to pass. You will almost always see stuff floating in the water at night with the light on, this is not necessarily DE.
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    Re: **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!

    Maybe you have a channel in the old sand, grew your own sandstone with the silt or something. Have you tried the deep cleaning with the hose? my-sand-is-channeled-how-to-fix-it-t7626.html
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    Re: **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!

    Thanks for the replys.

    Yes it was DE returning to the pool. I know this because a large majority floated to the top of the water again. After letting the pool sit without filtering yesterday I didn't see anything suspended in the water with the the pool light on last night. This makes me feel good that the DE is settling to the bottom.

    I have not tried the trick with the garden hose. One thing to note, when I open the filter to add the sand the water in it seemed murky even after backwashing and flushing and there was some larger debris (pine needles, ect about 2-3 inches in length) on top of the sand. I remember thinking that I thought the backwashing should remove this.

    Per the advice of a friend that used to work for a pool company, he said to vacuum the pool to waste then change the sand. I have ordered new laterals for the filter and I'm going to change the sand this weekend. Till then I'm going to try to vacuum the bottom to waste, then try the garden hose trick and see where that gets me.

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    Re: **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!

    While I don't know what area of the country you're in, and I haven't dealt with a sand filter in 40 years, I have had a DE filter. I'm not aware that DE floats on the surface very much, so I must wonder if, just maybe, you are seeing some DE mixed with a lot of pollen. Here in south Florida, that's a common occurence in the spring, especially in May. DE usually sinks or is suspended, but the floating stuff is usually pollen. Just my 2 cents. Good luck with getting it clear.
    Alan in Wellington, FL - near West Palm Beach
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    Re: **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!

    I am new to this site, but I did have a similar issue with just sand returning to the pool. Maybe after you added that additional 35lbs of sand you could have possibly broke a lateral?
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    Re: **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!

    I don't think I broke one adding the sand. I have the same symptoms before and after adding the sand. I did however order all new laterals and will be changing those when I change the sand. I figured while I'm in there why not change them for $30 Also I'm in Nashville TN.

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    Re: **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!

    So this past weekend I changed the sand and the laterals. The laterals look just as good as new, but I changed them anyway since I had them. The sand was in bad shape. It was very dark and contained organic matter on the outsides and the bottom of the filter. Unfortunately my yard flooded again (not as bad as last time) so the water was pretty dirty. The pool cleaned up in about 3 days, so the new sand worked great!

    I however still have the DE issued. Not as bad now. Before I changed the sand, I vacuumed the pool to waste. I was hoping this would get completely rid of the DE but it has not. I'm not getting a large quantity like before (It's not floating to the top), but I can see it coming out of the returns and suspended in the water through the pool light. I just purchased the slime bag, so hopefully this and continued backwashing will help me get rid of the rest. I'll post up after I get the slime bag and filter for a couple of days.

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    In the Industry

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    Re: **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!

    This entire thread does not mention water chemistry and I would suggest the majority, if not all, of your filter issues revolve around your water chemistry. Can you post test results?
    Dave S.
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    Re: **HELP** Tried the DE Trick but having issues!

    Just wanted to follow up on this. Purchased the Slim Bag and pool cleared right up. Thanks for the help everyone!

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