We recently purchased a complete used setup (pool, heater, deck, you name it) in this mash up of stuff was a Pentair Minimax 150 pool heater setup for NG.

Now I'm fairly handy and a confident do it yourselfer. In the past I've only seen appliances need an orifice change out whenever switching between gas / fuel types. HOWEVER, upon contacting pentair requesting part numbers for what I'd need they informed me I need the entire LP burner assembly which is in the tune of $500 to 1000 bucks!!!

I find it extremely difficult to believe the entire burner assembly needs to be replaced when doing this conversion. I've tried calling half a dozen local pool suppliers (some even tout to be Pentair dealers) and they're clueless and can't give me a solid answer. So I'm hoping someone here can confirm / deny if you can get away with just a simple orifice change out here or not?

Thanks much.

Well I just got confirmation from a local dealer (finally) that in these older models you ARE required to replace the burner assembly. And only in the newer models like the max-e only require the orifice changeout. Looks like I'll be listing this one for sale