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Thread: Replace Turbo Cell 15 With Straight Pipe?

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    Replace Turbo Cell 15 With Straight Pipe?

    Hi everyone. A turbo cell 15 was installed with my pool, even though I didn't order a SWG system. Back when it was installed I asked if they were going to install a SWG system for free or what when i saw the cell and they said no, that it was a mistake by a worker, and they wouldn't remove it and if I wanted a SWG system I'd have to pay them another $1k. I didn't want one at the time and didn't really know much about SWG so ended up just leaving the cell there. Feel like an idiot now but I didn't know that was a bad idea. I've never cleaned the thing since I didn't know that was necessary.

    I'm having issues where there's no pressure getting to my cleaning system and I've gone through to make sure there are no blockages and such, and reading a post that mentioned cleaning out the t-15 cell was what lead me to actually take this thing off. It's a horror show in there - a while back my filter cartridge started disintegrating (i replaced it) and there are a bunch of chunks of plastic that have worked their way into this cell. It's kind of amazing that water gets through at all. There's no way I can get it all out, it's jammed deep into the abyss of this cell.

    So, since I don't have a SWG system anyway, I'd like to replace the cell with a straight pipe. Having never purchased pipe for a pool myself before I'm wondering what you guys recommend. Anyone know if somewhere sells a pipe that's exactly the length and threading of the t-cell-15? If not, any ideas on where I should start looking? Thanks!

    I've been using liquid chlorine and such to care for my pool and am pretty happy with that at this point. So, though I suppose one option is to upgrade to a salt water system, I'm not really motivated to do that right now and would rather buy a cheap pipe instead of invest in a $1k system.

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    Re: Replace Turbo Cell 15 With Straight Pipe?

    You can purchase a straight pipe that goes in place of the cell. On Hayward's site they call it pipe-Straight Placeholder,Turb
    ITEM # GLX-CELL-PIPE and I see it listed on a poolpartsonline for around $32.
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    Re: Replace Turbo Cell 15 With Straight Pipe?

    Thanks Yukon Jack!

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