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Thread: Iron/Rust in water while filling Intex ultra 18'

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    Iron/Rust in water while filling Intex ultra 18'

    I'm going to start filling my newly put up pool, but I'm afraid that I'm going to stain the liner as the pool fills. My water is from a well and has issues with iron. I know because we have to clean our toilet often to prevent rings. I'm afraid that if I let the pool sit at certain levels as it fills, that I may end up with similar non-removable stains on the liner. Should I be worried, or should I just be able to brush it off. I figure once I fire up the sand filter, I'll be fine, but won't be able to run that until it's full. Thanks.
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    Re: Iron/Rust in water while filling Intex ultra 18'

    You will need to add a metal sequestrant to hold the iron in the water so that it won't deposit itself on the surfaces of your pool. Here's some information about doing that.


    Your sand filter won't make a difference in the iron levels.

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    Re: Iron/Rust in water while filling Intex ultra 18'

    I have had the same issue. Sunlight caused the iron to precipitate to the bottom within 48 hours. I simply vacuumed to waste and started standard salt chemistry balance.
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    Re: Iron/Rust in water while filling Intex ultra 18'

    I have lots of iron in my well water also. I just filled my pool for the first time a week ago. It was crystal clear until I shocked it. The water turned dark brown. To make a long story short, the chlorine causes the iron to oxidize and the water turns a rust color. Two days ago I could not see two inches below the surface. Now it is almost clear. I decided NOT to use Chemicals to solve the problem after reading numerous posts on brown water nightmares. You must get rid of the iron. I put old dish rags folded over and put them in the skimmer basket. They will catch the iron. Take the towel out when it turns rusty colored and rinse it off or add a new towel. I also took apart a furnace filter, cut it to fit and put it in the skimmer basket. I have read many different methods on how to make your own filters but just using this method is working for me. I can see the bottom of the pool, and the sides, and they are not stained. I am not worried about staining of the liner in the future because there is no iron to worry about.

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