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Thread: Electrical to pump and light

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    Electrical to pump and light

    Hey guys,
    I have been busy with my pool remodel, all the concrete in my back yard is now gone. I hired a guy to do my concrete and as part of the deal he demolished all the concrete. As this is a work in progress, I have since re-run all new water pipe to my back yard. The old water pipe was all corroded so now is the time to replace everything before the concrete is done.

    Now that I'm working on the electrical. I received various estimates from electricians to re-run conduit from my breaker box back to my pool equipment area then from there to the pool pump and light.
    as this picture shows, my electrical connection is going off my breaker panel, in 3/4' pipe and EMT conduit to a 2 gang box with two switches, one for the pool light and one for a light in the pool equipment area. This old pipe that was part of the conduit under the concrete was basically shredded by the bobcat so I need to replace it. You can see the remains of it closely if you look at the trench picture as the remains of the EMT conduit is shown right under my kitchen window. (see picture)

    [attachment=2:1fc98n1v]breaker with 2 Gang.jpg[/attachment:1fc98n1v]

    Trench to pool equipment wall.

    [attachment=1:1fc98n1v]Electrical Trench.jpg[/attachment:1fc98n1v]

    Here is the back side of the pool equipment wall.

    [attachment=0:1fc98n1v]Conduit at Wall.jpg[/attachment:1fc98n1v]

    I received quotes as high as $2000 for what I call, pulling wires about 50 feet, this is crazy and I'm trying to save money. The more I save on this I can use towards the concrete finish and the pool finishes.

    I need a little advise with respect to the wiring. My wiring is currently setup with two breakers, one 30 amp that controls the pump and a 20 amp GFI that controls the pool light. In the attached picture you can see three conduit pipes, one coming from the breaker panel, one leaving the 2 gang going down and one leaving the two gang going up. The metal pipe going up is EMT conduit attached to the eaves of my house then across the wall down to the pump. The metal conduit going leaving the 2 gang going down is in EMT conduit that was under my concrete and went to the pool light and the maintenance light in the pool equipment area. So the two external switches were hooked up within the 2 gang box and received power from either the 30 amp or the 20 amp breaker. The 30 amp breaker controlled both the pool equipment area light and the pool pump. The 20 amp breaker controlled only the pool light. Also the pump wire gauge is 10 gauge stranded while the pool light and maintenance light are using 14 gauge solid copper.

    I plan run all new electrical wires to run the pool pump, pool light and equipment area light all in a 3/4, (might even use 1") PVC conduit.

    I estimate three 10 gauge wires for the pool pump, white, black, green. (my pump is 120v) and 4 12 gauge wires for both lights (pool and maintenance area), one black, one white, one green, one blue, I need to wire the two switches.

    My question is how many wires do I need to pull through the conduit? and can anyone shed light on how they would wire the connections.

    Thank you so much for your time.

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    Re: Electrical to pump and light

    I would just use grey sch 80 grey pvc 1" for all the wires, I think the code is 18" deep, emt isn't needed.
    Now if all the wire is under concrete U don't need any conduit, use under ground wire (the grey stuff), then just use pvc where it enters & exits the concrete.

    Pump wires white to neutral green to grd black to circuit breaker,
    the switches???? I assume the blue is the second circuit, sharing the white & ground.

    If that needs more explanation a drawing would help.

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    Re: Electrical to pump and light

    I myself would still use conduit under concrete to avoid the case I'm in now. We're upgrading to a 220v pump and need to run new wire. If it were in conduit it would be a snap....instead we have a small area of concrete we need to tear up to run the new wire.

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