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Thread: Got my Tf-100 results?

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    Got my Tf-100 results?

    Hello, I have read through everything butjust want to make sure I am doing this correctly. Just got my kit and my numbers
    CYA- filled to the top and saw the dot clearly.

    I closed my pool dark green for the first time last year. I can see the sides and I can see the bottom barely. New to this method and
    I was a little unsure on how to record the CYA in the calculator. I have walmart unscented bleach and a large bag of baking soda.

    Thanks for your help and look forward to using this method.
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    Re: Got my Tf-100 results?

    You still need to know pH. TA is a little low, but if the pH is good, I'd wait until after the pool is clear before I messed with it. You might end up adding water to replace what you lost to backwashing, and that baking soda will go right out the waste pipe with it.

    Is the water clear or green tinted, and are the walls covered with algae or not? Anything less than perfect, and you need the shock process. You also need to get some CYA in there. Pick some up tomorrow.

    It's in Pool School. You got the bleach, you got the test kit, if the pH is okay, GO! You won't lose much FC to sunlight overnight.
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    Re: Got my Tf-100 results?

    You do not list a pH reading, and you might as well get that in the proper range before starting the Shock Process. High FC will make reading pH unreliable. Once pH is in range, start the shock process, and do not stop until your pass an OCLT, CC is .5 or less, and the water is clear. Use the Pool calculator to determine shock levels. I would enter your CYA as 20 for now, as zero is less likely. You will likely need a fair amount of bleach.
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    Re: Got my Tf-100 results?

    Ok. The pool is green nothing is attached to the walls and there is dirt/green covering the pool on the floor only in the middle now the pump is on. Sorry PH was 7.5. I am vacuuming it all out tomorrow but I know when I used the pool store they would give me a list and tell me to add things wait an hour add another etc... With this method I guess after i have it vacuumed can I put the bleach in or is there an order for these chemicals.

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    Re: Got my Tf-100 results?

    Follow the shock process in pool school. Get the debris out and follow the shock process.

    It will take some time and testing your water frequently, many times a day when you start.

    Follow it the process. It works.
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    Re: Got my Tf-100 results?

    Ok lets see if I am on board. Someone said to record my CYA as 20 even though I saw the black dot for the entire fill. I am in direct sunlight all day so I put my goal as 60. Calculator stated 91oz weight 95oz volume or 237 oz liquid. If I use 60 this now bumps up my shock process numbers according to the chart to 24 then back down to 5 for FC. Is 60 a good number to shoot for. I read on other posts that once I put in the stabilizer, I can assume it is there and continure with the shock process right away. Then I can add the 161oz or128oz by volume baking soda. The calulator threw me off as the top says NOW and TARGET but underneath Goal and NOT SETUP are in opposite columns. Just making sure I did it right. I start this after my clean out vacuum today. As far as stabilizer should I go to my pool store and get that stuff or is the HTH walmart stuff ok. I have unscented 8.25 % walmart stuff. Not sure what the drop down trichlor chemical means. I left it there and it stated 619 oz of 8.25% bleach. Jug size 128 oz or 60 oz by weight. How long do I need to wait to shock after stabilizer is in, i thought I read an hour?

    Thanks again.
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    Re: Got my Tf-100 results?

    The Not Entered for goal means that you didn't fill in the dropdowns at the bottom. Use troublefreepool, bleach, and your pool type.

    If you're using bleach (which you should be) use the info from the first line of the FC row. Ignore the lines about trichlor, since you're not using it.

    Target 30 for CYA for now. The shock process is easier at that level. When the pool is clean, you can raise CYA higher to fit your situation. However, don't go too high yet - CYA is very easy to add, very hard to get rid of.
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    Re: Got my Tf-100 results?

    I vacuumed out as much as I could but the water /green tint made it harder to see so I still started the shock process.. My Ph is fine and I added 2.5 lbs of stabilizer like it said. I did not test for CYA because I read I can assume it is there?

    Also the card with the instrcutions that came with the kit are very easy but and for the chlorine test after adding the R0871 you x # of drops by .05 to get FC but the video says subtract from the "total" then x drops. just want to make sure I was doing it right.
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    Re: Got my Tf-100 results?

    You count the number of r0871 drops it takes to clear and divide by 2. That is your FC level.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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