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Thread: Green Pool

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    Green Pool

    I purchased a new home and just recently took the safety cover to get the pool started when I noticed the water is green. I cleaned and scrubbed the pool as much as I can and someone suggested to start off by dumping liquid chlorine and shock running the pump 24hrs. I dumped 8 gallons of liquid chlorine and 3 bags of shock. A day later the green algae stated to die and the pool started to get sky blue but could not see beyond the top. I then scrubbed the pool more which stirred up the green algae and the pool looked little green again. 2 days later the pool in the same stage chlorine and PH levels were good I decided to use 1 bag of shock and a hour later white foam or creamy film started to appear on the surface. I took out the filter and washed it

    What I'm trying to accomplish us obviously clear blue water and to get rid of this white foam anyone knows why the foam appeared?
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you
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    Re: Green Pool

    Pools quite often foam when they are being de swamped, it's nothing to worry about. It's probably organics and contaminants being broken and forming a scum It should clear

    It's important get a good test kit such as TF100 if you don't have one, post an accurate set of water results and post them here which will help us. Pool school has some great info as well

    Shock is a process rather than a product. What is in the shock that you are putting in the pool? If its dichlor then you are adding CYA to the water which may be the exact opposite of what you need if the previous owner was fond of trichlor pucks! .

    I would start with an accurate test, adjust the PH then shock with bleach. What the shock level is though depends on your CYA indicated by the test. An over night chlorine loss test will help you see when you're done shocking as well

    Good luck!
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    Re: Green Pool

    What jay87 said ^^^^^

    Link to fav test kit in my sig.

    Pool School link is white button top right of each page.

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    Re: Green Pool

    You are on the correct road to a clear pool! You found TFP! Step one done!

    Next order a good test kit.

    Buy bleach/liquid chlorine (shop around for best price) and go ahead and put a gallon in a day until you get the test kit.

    When you get the test kit you will be able to know just how much bleach you will need to KEEP in the pool to complete the shock process.

    Once you see clear water you will know it is time to see if you can pass the OCLT

    Good luck! You can do it.

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    Re: Green Pool

    Also CC at 0.5 or less.

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    Re: Green Pool

    I took water sample for testing and the test read low PH , low Alkalinity and high chlorine level. They recommended to raise the PH and the alkalinity I used 25lb bucket Alkalinity increaser pouring 8lb each hour to finish the bucket and 6 Lb ofPH increaser. I vacuumed the pool and the algae got stirred up again. The pressure gauge is running at 25 PSI I was told its better when it's at 25 psi because it picks up fine practical much better. Should I continue to se shock and liquid chlorine? Or should I use something else?

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    Re: Green Pool

    Should I continue to se shock and liquid chlorine? Or should I use something else?
    Honestly, you should decide first if you are going to take the pool store's suggestions or ours. The advice you get from a pool store will be far different from what we suggest and you will end up being caught in the middle.
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    Re: Green Pool

    Yes, choose which advice to follow. For the most part, our advice will be different than theirs, and you will just waste money if you try to mix the 2. As to the filter, clean when it goes up 25% of the clean pressure.
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    Re: Green Pool

    sorry I didn't mean to make it sound that I was looking for 2nd advice. I just wanted to get the water tested because I didn't have the test and the guy gave recommendations and that's why I posted them here. I sure don't want to spend a lot of money on useless chemicals. As for the pool I vacuumed it more and it did change to slightly green again what are your thoughts on silvertrine?

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