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Thread: BoDarville

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    BoDarville has been selected as a "TFP Expert". That means a combination of things.....

    He has great knowledge of pools

    He conveys that knowledge concisely

    He conveys that knowledge in a very friendly, easy to understand tone.

    He is a very active member on the forum Usually many posts daily.

    This forum is the premier pool forum on the net because of people like Bo.

    The Moderators do a phenomenal job of keeping the place free of spam, splitting threads or combining threads when necessary and, importantly, correcting someone who doesn't abide by forum rules. They all take great pride in making this forum one of the friendliest spots on the internet.

    The TFP Experts provide absolutely outstanding information to newbies and long-time members alike. Because we cover such a broad range of subjects, I don't think it an overstatement to say our TFP Experts may be the finest source of pool information ever assembled in one place. (There may be one exception to that )

    Last, Do any of you remember the last time the forum went offline? They are few and far between and the last one I can remember was intentional as we upgraded our service. JasonLion gets sole credit for that diligence and computer expertise....he does an amazing job.

    (BTW, all lifetime membership money goes into a fund that's sole purpose is to ensure the smooth operation of the forum 365/24/ if you're feeling generous or have gotten your money's worth since joining, consider a lifetime contribution)

    Well, the original subject was BoDarville and how well he contributes to this forum but I started thinking just how many others contribute and just kept typing....sorry.
    Dave S.
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    Re: BoDarville

    Congrats Bo! Thanks for all your help!
    Jason, TFP Moderator
    18k IG pebblesheen pool, Hayward ProLogic P4 w/ T-15 SWG, Pentair 1HP 2-speed Superflo, Hayward 6020 DE filter
    500 sqft Heliocol solar panels, ThePoolCleaner, TF-100 test kit w/ SpeedStir
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    Re: BoDarville

    Congratulations Bo!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

    24' Sharkline Venture De Filter

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    Re: BoDarville

    and four bucks will get you a large coffee!
    16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century Whisperflow 1 HP; Pentair Minimax heater.
    Troublefree does not mean Maintenancefree. It's like brushing your teeth: You can spend a couple minutes a day and pennies a week or go to the dentist once a year and spend several thousand dollars.
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    Re: BoDarville

    Congratulations, Bo
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    1)You lose 1ppm or less FC overnight, & 2)You have .5ppm CC's or less, & 3)your water is clear.

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    Re: BoDarville

    Good job Bo!

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    Re: BoDarville

    Another great TFP mind added to the "expert" list.
    16 x 28 Doughboy Mystic Garden AGP with 7' deep end (used expandable vinyl liner) ~11,800 gals. Deep end main drain. Thru-the-wall skimmer, one return at deep end. Media Master 150# sand filter. Doughboy PowerPak II pump, 1 hp. Pentair MinimaxCH 150m natural gas heater. Polaris 65 when it feels like working . TF-100 test kit. No longer 'pool stored' 6 years and counting. In sunny but fickle metro-Detroit.

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    Re: BoDarville

    Thank you all for the kind words. I'm honored. I will do my best to continue earning the designation of TFP Expert. And to think...just over two years ago, I was like many of the newbies...spending $ on all kinds of chemicals and "miracle elixirs", dumping them into the pool "just because", partial drain & refills a couple of time per year, and running my single-speed pump determined solely on the air temperature (temperature / 10 and round up to get hours you should run pump). Never had a serious water problem, but I think I was on the verge of having one. I was lucky that I found this site when I did. So, for those of you new to the forum and currently battling a "big green swamp" or similar situation, take heart. All this "pool stuff" may seem overwhelming now, but with a little investment in time it will make sense. You will see that a owning & maintaining a pool does not have to be a money and time pit. You can do this!

    Quote Originally Posted by duraleigh
    They all take great pride in making this forum one of the friendliest spots on the internet.
    This is the only forum I have ever joined and this is one of the primary reasons. So thanks to the Moderators for making it that way and to Jason for maintaining the uptime (I don't remember the site ever being down). And to everyone who has contributed to the Pool School articles, . I still refer to these articles regularly. It's like watching a movie multiple times...each time you often notice something you didn't before.

    A special word of thanks also goes to Richard320. I have always admired his posts, even before I joined the forum. Aside from his obvious pool knowledge, his posts are down to earth and written in a friendly tone with just the right amount of humor. This has given me a bar to aim for as I attempt to emulate that style. So Richard...
    Gold Supporter, TFP Lifetime Supporter, 26,680 gal Plaster IGP 3.5 - 10' depth / Attached Waterfall Spa, Manually Chlorinated, Triton Sand Filter, 1.5 HP * 1.1 SF = 1.65 SFHP 1-speed Pentair WhisperFlo WF-26 Pump, 400K BTU NG Teledyne Laars Series One Heater, Polaris 360, Test Kit Comparison, Chlorine/CYA Chart, SLAMing Your Pool, OCLT
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    Re: BoDarville

    Congrats Bo !!!! Well deserved.

    24'x54" AG Morada RTR (by wilbar) 13'500 gal. Hayward Powerflo Matrix 1hp 2 speed. Hayward Perflex EC65 DE filter.

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    Re: BoDarville

    Congrats! You deserve it.
    7 year old ~13,500 gal 24' AGP with 1.5 hp Proline pump, 150 sqft Pleatco cartridge, filled with well water with pH of about 4.5.
    Wanda the Whale pool vacuum, home made heater, Taylor K-2006
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