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Thread: Pump and vacuuming

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    Pump and vacuuming

    Hello! I am at a loss as to what could be causing the following problems. I have had a pool since I was little, and I have never encountered this problem. We replaced our pool 2 years ago. With it came a sand filter(which was new to me) I prefer a DE filter, which I will be replacing it with shortly. In the meantime I am having issues with I think the pump. The pressure and everything is fine on normal filtration. However, when I go to vacuum, after a minute or so, the pressure from the return decreases dramatically and the pump loses almost all of its water. I have made sure that there is no air or leaks in the vacuum hose. I have been vacuuming pools for about 20 years and have never had this happen.

    My husband checked the pump and everything looks ok. The pool expert that I go to thinks it's the vacuum hose, but I've tested it. Maybe I just need to get a new one. It's very frustrating as the pool is clear, but there is debris and leaves on the bottom.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    Rule of thumb if it's working fine before you introduce a new line for vacuuming it is most likely the vac line. Is your hose one total piece or segments?
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    I've had the same problem in the past, some times it worked though, sometimes it didn't as you described. In the end I found that one of the the ends that fits to the brush and/or the skimmer adapter had an air leak deepin the end fitting where the corraguated hose mated to the end fitting, as long as that end happend to be connected to the brush the vac worked, it it happened to end up on the skimmer adapter ( above the water line) it didn't.
    Good Luck

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    The vacuum hose is one connected piece. I noticed yesterday that the end that you put on the vacuum head is split. The hose itself isn't, but the connector piece is. Could that be a problem? We really didn't think so because it's not the hose. Like I said, it starts out ok, but quickly goes downhill. The vacuum has excellent suction even when the pump starts to lose its prime. Would that be the case with a hole in the hose?

    Maybe I'll ask the neighbor if I can borrow their hose and see what happens. If it works, then I know to get a new one.

    Thanks again!


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    That sounds like an air leak in the vacuum hose. The split down by the vacuum head might cause the hose to come off the head but it wouldn't cause the problem you are having. The air leak needs to be in some part that is above water to cause a problem.
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    Oh my. You're not going to believe this. I decided to switch the hose. Now, I've used this vacuum for two years. The end that was connected to the skimmer said to connect it the the vacuum head. I've had it reversed for two years! However, for whatever reason this problem just happened this year. I was able to vacuum completely without the pump losing its prime.

    Thanks again for the advice and this forum. I will be sticking around!


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    Re: Pump and vacuuming

    Is there a way to pressure test the vacuum hose?

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