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Thread: insulate floor on AG 27ft radiant pool?

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    insulate floor on AG 27ft radiant pool?

    Brand new to FTP. Really loves the wealth of info. I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance:
    I live in northern Wisconsin where's it's cold. I'm putting up a 27ft radiant pool and I' 've had a lot of people tell me to insulate the bottom. i know that the majority of heat loss iis at the pool surface. But with mother earth always at approx 54 degrees, i also believe that there is heat loss stolen from the bottom. A couple questions i have:

    1. insulate floor - Yes or no?
    2. Will weight of water crush insulation?
    3. If yes, what type of insulation?
    4. If yes , how would you connect insulation board to each other (duct tape, etc?)
    5. If yes, would you put the insulation above or below a couple inches

    I appreciate anyone's opinion. Would love to hear success stories and/or see pictures.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: insulate floor on AG 27ft radiant pool?

    Welcome to TFP!

    Someone with good ABG pool knowledge will be by soon to get your question answered.

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    Re: insulate floor on AG 27ft radiant pool?

    We didn't insulate the bottom of ours but did have the sides insulated and I think it made a difference with losing heat as well as using the solar cover whenever the pool was vacant and at night.
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    Re: insulate floor on AG 27ft radiant pool?

    Lot's of people use pink insulation board, the regular stuff you but at a big box. I personally don't believe it retains any meaningful level of heat and I don't think that should be the prime reason to use it.
    The main thing it achieves is a nice flat surface without wrinkles or humps.

    As for wall foam, sorry if I sound difficult but it simply dosn't have the r value to make a difference in heat retention.

    Just my 2 cents.
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