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Thread: Advice wanted for Organizing a kit for everyday testing

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    Advice wanted for Organizing a kit for everyday testing

    I'm putting together my go-to kit. I have a DPD complete kit from Leslie's, I think it's just a rebranded Taylor K-2005.

    I also just got in my FAS-DPD kit from Taylor, and I figured that my dropping out the acid/base demand reagents I can fit the FAS-DPD reagents in the kit. Besides I have the pool calculator saved on my iPhone.

    I was figuring I probably wouldn't do the full FAS-DPD daily. But what would be better to keep in the box for doing quick checks on chlorine, the DPD, or putting an OTO in there? (I have one from my Walmart 6 way kit).

    I know I'm being super fussy about getting it all in one box, but the more organized it is, the more likely I can get my husband to help with testing, and the less likely things will go missing when he does.

    Also if I swap the test block and reagents for the OTO, and just leave one bottle for the CYA test I can put the acid/base reagents back in there, are they important enough to do so?

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    Re: Advice wanted for Organizing a kit for everyday testing

    I used my tf-100 kit for the first time today and it was a blast! It's what everyone here swears by. Way more Accurate than my one i got from lps
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    Re: Advice wanted for Organizing a kit for everyday testing

    What tests you run daily will depend on your individual needs for most people FC and CC will be the most important and pH will be 3rd, it may be a close or a distant 3rd. After that TA and CH are probably next, with CH it depends on the type of pool you have, hardness of fill water, etc. for many people these turn into weekly or monthly tests, then there is CYA which once adjusted should only need minimal monitoring if your not using stabilized Chlorine, say once every couple of months. For me I prefer to do the FAS-DPD test at the .5 ppm resolution as my primary Chlorine test and use the OTO occasionally is I suspect something odd going on with the FAS-DPD, with the speed stir it only takes a few seconds and there is not color match guessing.
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    Re: Advice wanted for Organizing a kit for everyday testing

    When I first started, I purchased one of those art and craft boxes that you can get at a hobby store. See through plastic, about two inches deep by 15 inches wide by 9 inches. Has the little dividers inside where you can make different sized compartments. Then I got a TF-100 with virtually the same box. Works great adn you can see things without opening it.

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    Re: Advice wanted for Organizing a kit for everyday testing

    Daily, or every other day actually, I just use FAS-DPD and pH. Unlike a lot on here, I like the acid demand feature, so that's part of it. On my pool, one drop AD = 1/3 jug of MA. Makes it very easy. Never calculate, never measure. Similar for FC. Sundays I bring down the big kit.

    I used OTO for years when it was the only thing out there. I don't have it now and I don't miss it a bit. I pretty much know what I'm going to get before I test; I really have no need for an imprecise test that is useless at high FC.
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