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Thread: Does a hassle free Solar blanket not requiring a reel exist?

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    Does a hassle free Solar blanket not requiring a reel exist?

    I've spent a ton on the landscaping and pool, I just hate the look if a solar blanket Reel, just can't do it, don't want to see it, don't want to have to move it out of the way, or drill holes in the pavers to keep it in place.

    That being said, I do miss saving on the heat loss overnight, has any new product came out over the past few years? Something lighter I can place on and off the pool without a Reel?
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    Re: Does a hassle free Solar blanket not requiring a reel ex

    I'm with you, when its not being used I dont want to see it or a giant reel messing up the look I'm working towards. Last year I just rolled mine up into a pile and set it aside when not in use. This year I went low budget and bought two 10' lengths of 1 1/4" PVC in the electrical department of Lowes. I joined them together and use them as a guide to roll the solar cover onto. It keeps it in a neat roll and gives it some rigidity to be moved around easily. When its not in use its out of site out of mind. Its not perfect but I can do it myself with ease.
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    Re: Does a hassle free Solar blanket not requiring a reel ex

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    Re: Does a hassle free Solar blanket not requiring a reel ex

    Liquid blankets help more than an uncovered pool but not as much as a solar blanket. I have seen the effects of the liquid blanket on a heated pool during winter, to where you can "SEE" the steam rising from the surface of the pool go away as the liquid blanket solution spread on the surface of the pool.

    There is also the Solar Ring that floats on the surface and clicks together with magnets around the rim of the ring. However, there are reports of the wind blowing the rings around and on top of one another...not that I have personal experience with.
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    Re: Does a hassle free Solar blanket not requiring a reel ex

    We've got lots of folks that cut the solar blanket into several managable/foldable sections. Lemme find a link w/pics......

    ETA: You can do a search for more info on cutting a solar blanket to make it fit and/or be managable. But, from member, AnnaK,
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    Re: Does a hassle free Solar blanket not requiring a reel ex

    Ditto on what Butterfly says.

    After cutting the blanket to fit the pool I drew a line every 5ft horizontally and vertically and then cut on the lines. I numbered each piece with a marker to know where they are to be placed back in the pool. One person can remove or install the all the pieces in about 5 minutes. When removing I just throw them up over the wrought iron fence on top of each other then drape a small tarp over them to protect then from the sun. The only issue is the wind can blow them around quite easily, but my pool rarely gets any wind so I don't have to worry about it. I was thinking you could lay some type of pole that floats over the top of them to hold them down.

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