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Thread: Main drain installation?

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    Main drain installation?

    My PB used drain pots on my main drains... the ones with the side and bottom fitting. The pot was set in the gunite, and I have a ring and a lid that go on afterward. My question is, does the ring go on before or after plaster, and is it removable later? I know the cover has 4 screws and can be taken off, but can the ring also be removed? It does not get glued or plastered in, does it? I am asking because I do not think white will blend in with my gray plaster too well, and I might want to change them out down the road... I am not worried about changing the cover, but the ring edge is also visible and I want to make sure it is replaceable later and not a glue in permanent piece that I can't change. I have 8 drains (4 on floor and 4 on walls; for water feature intakes) so I want them to blend in as well as possible.
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    Re: Main drain installation?

    On my liner pool, the ring sealed the liner and held it in place. I dont know about the gunite. I ordered them in the color gray.(ring and cover). This helped mine blend in with my brown and gray liner.
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    Re: Main drain installation?

    Does anyone know how their main drain was installed? Mine is the pot type... 3 pieces... the pot that is plumbed in before gunite... and the gunit is shot to the top edge. Then I am told the ring flange (with the screw theads the lid screws in to) goes in prior to plaster and the plaster is brought up to the top edge of that... then the cover is screwed on after plaster is dry.

    My PB still has not gotten me the gray covers I asked for... and I need to know if the ring portion is visible at all after plastering? When you remove your cover, you see the ring piece with the threads the cover screws in to... but when the cover is installed, can you see ANY of the ring? It appears to me that there is a sliver of the ring that is visible around the perimeter of the cover. White covers with gray plaster was bad enough... gray cover with white ring around it and gray plaster is worse.

    Also, a couple of my wall drains (feeding a waterfall) are not flush with the wall and are tilted (they did not secure them when they shot the gunite). The PB worker said they will just add more plaster above... we are talking about > 1/2 difference... top to bottom.. Can they be trimmed and the ring help to account for some of this so the cover sits flat?
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