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Thread: Pool Pilot Digital

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    Pool Pilot Digital

    I have had a pool pilot digital for 7 years using a SC-48 cell. Just coming to the end of the life of cell number two. I have ordered a new cell for the 2013 summer season as i believe the current cell will be dead soon. However, when the system was started a week ago a couple of new issues arose. First off the display said i needed 166 lbs of salt. Each year for my 32' by 16' with an 8' deep end pool i add 120 - 160 lbs of salt so this did not seem unusual. The flashing red light went out when the salt was added but then after a while the message returned and even the next day it would periodically say it needed salt--150 lbs or more. Also the temperture would go up and at one point was reading 135 degrees. I figured maybe it was a faulty tri-sensor. I actually had gotten a manifold with sensor with the last cell replacement which is the one currently installed on the pool. I kept the old one so i swapped out the sensor. I thought all was good, but then the temperature started rising again and soon exceeded 100 degrees. I inspected the connecting cable and cleaned the contacts and sprayed them with WD-40. I took apart the connector that goes into the wall unit and checked for broken wires. Of course i also checked the pins on the sensor. But since i received the same issues with both sensors, i have ruled out the sensor. Also, i am not getting a "bad sensor" message on the display. One other thing that seems to happen is when i first turn things on everything seems fine. The cell operates at 75% and the temp seems normally. Then as the temp goes up, the cell output goes to 100%.
    I guess from other posts i have read it could be the cable? However i see the cable is available only with the sensor. I thought before i
    went that route, i would post here to see if someone has also experienced this and also if it might be the wall unit itself that has an issue.
    It does show the cell as "on" and i do believe it is producing chlorine.

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    Re: Pool Pilot Digital

    Did you clean the cell?

    What does the cell plates look like? Especially the edges.
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    Re: Pool Pilot Digital

    Yes, the cell was cleaned at the close of the pool last fall and taken in the house for the winter. It is about time to replace it and the new one should be here any day but I did not think the issues mentioned were related to a bad cell. Yes the end plates are lower than the others. On previous cell failures i would get the flashing red and even after cleaning the cell it would start flashing again. Then i knew the cell was bad. Especially after talking with someone who told me to check the plates. So, are you saying a bad cell could cause the other issues as well?

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    Re: Pool Pilot Digital

    The cell has nothing to do with the salt level or temperature displays. It's the tri-sensor or cord, which are both replaced by the new style trisensor, APA0003.
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    Re: Pool Pilot Digital

    Thanks. That's what I was thinking. But also it might be the board in the wall unit. I called aquacal today as well and they have a "sensor simulator" that will plug in and tell you which is bad. It is $24.95. So I said to send me one. They also said the main unit has a lifespan of 7-10 years and mine is 8 years old. So when this device arrives I will see what it says. Wish it was the sensor or cord since that is 1/4 th the price of the wall unit
    22K gallon in ground concrete. Hayward 1HP pump, Hayward EC65 DE filter. K-2006.

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