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Thread: Liner needs replaced, unsure of do's and don'ts

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    Liner needs replaced, unsure of do's and don'ts

    Hello all. As you can see I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I'm in somewhat of a predicament and I hope that some of you may be able to give me a little helpful insight.

    So here's the story..... My liner first got water behind it (a lot), then ripped in one of the corners where it seemed to have stretched due to the water behind it, then I went out of town for a couple days to return to a solid opaque green pool. Knowing I needed a liner and being tired of paying to run my pump and buy chemicals, I just turned off my pump...(approx 2 weeks ago now)

    I purchased my home last July so I know very little about the history of the pool. I just know that when I purchased the home, there was already water behind the liner with the liner starting to stretch. Also, it seemed to lose 6in or so of water a week when not being used so I assumed a leak and a liner that would soon need replaced. I attempted to delay the inevitable and have gotten myself in a bit of a jam now needing a liner in a solid green pool.

    I would like to measure the pool, purchase and install a liner myself. I'm a very capable person as long as I have correct information on the front end and after doing some research and reading, I feel like I can handle installing one myself. With water behind the liner, I don't feel like I could get very accurate measurements for my new liner. Not only that, with the water being opaque green complicates things. The previous owner also seems to have covered up the pool light somewhere along the way with a new liner(transformer and low voltage wire is still by the pump) and I would like to add one or two back.

    It is my understanding that it is dangerous to completely drain a linered pool because there is the potential of walls collapsing or the floor being pushed/floated. However without draining the pool at least half way, I do not see an accurate way to get measurements or an easy way to add lights. Not to mention the time it takes for the liner to be made and shipped.

    Turning this over to a pro would be great, but not something I could ever afford so please spare me that suggestion.

    I have access to nearly any equipment, tool, etc that anyone could ever need for anything. For the most part I just need a general idea of what I can and cant do. If necessary I can build supports/braces/etc, but again I'm not sure what is necessary.

    Also. FWIW here's what I do know about the pool:
    -I believe it's between 12k and 15k gal
    -Vinyl liner, age unknown
    -Galvanized walls behind liner
    -Built in 96, same as house
    -Has steps and 1 ladder
    -1 skimmer and 1 floor drain that are filtered
    -2 floor drains unfiltered for waterfall.
    -Pool has cover but it hasn't been installed since I've owned it, (10 months)
    -Judging by the bleaching on the concrete in the shape of the cover, P.O. Kept it covered a lot
    -No automation, 2 hayward pumps (one for waterfall), Hayward filter, three returns, one for an autocleaner that was left broken in my attic.
    -3ft shallow 6ft deep
    -Arkansas climate

    As best as I can figure, I'm going to need the pool to be down 2-4 weeks, but I am unsure as to what is safe. Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated.
    Pool termanolgy newb. Roughly 15k gal, vinyl liner, recently in bad shape... :(

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    Re: Liner needs replaced, unsure of do's and don'ts

    Is it possible to find who made the pool? If you can find the brand and measure the length and width, they may have a liner to fit correctly and all you need to do is order it.
    Dave S.
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