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Thread: Big Trouble

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    Big Trouble

    Ok, so the plan was to get a new liner this year but things have turned out different and so no new liner. I did not treat my pool for the winter because of the previous plan and now my water is a dark murky pond. I am wondering whether it would be wiser to drain and replace water or just super treat the water every night and try to knock it out that way. Oh yeah, did I mentioin my daughter is having an open house on June 15th and wants a pool party?

    Yep... HELP!!!!!!

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    Re: Big Trouble

    Well, at least you have a sand filter that will be less work than a DE or cartridge to clear the swamp. No need to drain (any would not want to drain it fully anyway as that could spell the end of the liner).

    Do you have one of the recommended test kits? Post some results.

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    Shocking Your Pool
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    Re: Big Trouble

    That's a month away - you've got plenty of time if you have a proper test kit and approach it logically.

    Start by taking a picture of the before and post it for our amusement. Then get the pump running and the water circulating. After it has had time to mix - I'd suggest a lap around the pool walls with the brush; your arms and back will be ready for a break by then - take a full set of readings. Based on those, you can decide - logically, based on facts, not gut feeling - if you need to drain any to reduce CYA or CH. Remember, with a vinyl liner, you can't empty the thing 100% without risking damage, so you'll still be dealing with waterlogged compost piles on the floor.

    Once the water is up to the right level again, adjust pH and CYA as needed and start the shock process. Spend the time between tests and chlorinating dragging the bottom with a leaf rake to get out as much as you can.

    Some inspiration:
    frog-filled-green-swamp-to-oasis-work-in-progress-t48213-20.html be sure to look at page 2

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    Re: Big Trouble

    I have a good test kit and the pump is up and running. I feel the same way about draining the pool and killing the liner and was concerned about the timing of it all also.

    I will take some pictures tonight and then see if that gym membership has prepared be for this job.

    This forum has saved my pool before and am sure it will do it again!

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    Re: Big Trouble

    Here are my before pictures...
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