I actually called Pleatco this morning and talked to someone there about their filters, asking him about the specs on theirs vs others (particularly Unicel). For my CCP240, the Unicel pleat count is 167 and the media is 4oz. Pleatco doesn't specify a pleat count and their fabric is 3oz.

Now, the first thing this guy told me is pleat count might be different, but to an insignificant degree ("What impact is there is you're off by 2 or 3 pleats as long as you have the same surface area?"). While I recognize that there seems to be a correlation between pleat count and filter performance, I see his point. Not sure if anyone has any opinions on that part of it...

Anyway...the next thing he said is that Pleatco has their own lab and they found that the Reemay that everyone else uses has some bypass in it that they didn't like and so they "redesigned" the fabric and use their own, which accounts for the weight difference, although they still have the same (or better) filter capability. They've been using this for about a year and a half he said. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the "newer" Pleatcos. They've posted a YouTube video discussing it and it is very intersting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk-HgvHio-M

Last, I've read for a few people, the fit wasn't great on the Pleatco. Have a feeling that's by model and was wondering if anyone had this issue with this filter particularly (60sq ft._CCP240) or if that was an "old" issue and has been resolved.