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Thread: Straightening Oval pool "Straight side"

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    Straightening Oval pool "Straight side"

    I just had my 18x33 pool installed after filling with water on one side one (of 3) posts with "out riggers" is leaning out by about 1" at the top. it seems the out rigger settled a little (it's the last of the 3 on that side, the center post is out by about 1/2 ". I noticed my neighbors pool is like that, been that way for the 8 or 9 years they have had it. Can I straighten it without draining the water down? The pool sidewalls are level all the way around. I was wondering if I could put a steel pipe in the outrigger (it's a 2" square galvanized tube) and "Jack" it up and either put a piece of aluminum plate between the patio block they used as a base or remove the block while it's jacked up and backfill under it to raise the block to straighten it? I would do this to both the end and center one to starighten the entire side.

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    Re: Straightening Oval pool "Straight side"

    You can try it. It shouldn't take a lot of force to push the wall back in line. I'd re-set the paver rather than add anything.
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    Re: Straightening Oval pool "Straight side"

    Thanks for the reply.
    have you heard of anyone trying this before?

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    Re: Straightening Oval pool "Straight side"

    May also be something you can just live with, 1" out dosn't seem all that bad.
    Perhaps you can just live with it for a bit and keep an eye on it, measure occasionally and see if it's getting worse or holding.

    Do you live in an area where you have to winterize the pool? If so you can try fixing when you reduce the water level for winter.
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    Re: Straightening Oval pool "Straight side"

    True 1" isn't that bad but I'm one of those guys that will look at it every time I swim.
    I do winterize but I use a skimmer "Tupperware" cover and keep water at full height.
    I'll give lifting it a try and if it seems too difficult with the water full I'll wait & drain it at the end of summer half way then refill & close for the winter. That way I won't be dumping out water that I just stabilized with cyanaric acid and redoing it again for this year.

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    Re: Straightening Oval pool "Straight side"

    Once you get the full load of water on the pressure plates, would it not possibly settle back?
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    Re: Straightening Oval pool "Straight side"

    Quote Originally Posted by cmiller73
    Once you get the full load of water on the pressure plates, would it not possibly settle back?
    If you mean settle back after I re-level it, no it shouldn't. I suspect the ground wasn't completely compacted there, the excavator levels the site and took some dirt from one side and put it on the other & compacted it with the bucket on his bobcat and that just compacted from the weight of the pool. I will jack up the outrigger or buttress and put a double thick full patio block instead of the half blocks the installer used that way I won't disturb the dirt now that the pool compacted it.

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