ok...I've received the goods, but now I am unable to figure out how to connect up the plumbing to my Intex 22 x 52 Ultra Frame.

I have the following...
Intex 56681EG Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater system
Hayward SP1091X Dyna-Skim

These are set up and connected (skimmer is going directly into the input on the pump & the original suction is tapped off)but I would like to connect the line where the original suction was to the line to my intake for my filter. I know how this all connects, but I can't find fittings that will convert and work on this anywhere! Will someone please help! size/connectors/fittings/bushings...I need it all. I've reveiwed most all of the posts here, but none of them I've found really give me the specs to make these connections.

Hard plumbing would be fine, too. I love the sprinklers and all that jazz!! I'm CERTAIN I can make this work, as I am a DIY chick, but I don't know where to begin. Any and all pics/videos would be most helpful!!

Thanks so very much in advance!