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Thread: Why do we have main drains?

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    Why do we have main drains?

    Why do we put main drains in pools in the first place? On the few occasions when you have to drain the pool, rent a submersible. What do they do except cause trouble sometimes?

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    Re: Why do we have main drains?

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    Because it is easier to drain with one. It's also another route to pull water into the system for good circulation. Thirdly, they are useful in situations where one might have a high water table and a need to drain their pool as many builders will put a relief in the drain to allow for water to rise through the opening and equalize pressure.

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    Re: Why do we have main drains?

    It's seldom possible to drain a pool with the main drain since the pump has limited lift capability. The main drain is useful in improving circulation and in providing a deep water pump intake to protect the pump if the skimmer clogs or water evaporates and the pool level falls below the skimmer.
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    Re: Why do we have main drains?

    I had my main drains installed on the side of my pool so I did have to walk on them (shallow pool).
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    Re: Why do we have main drains?

    My mains are on the side of my fiberglass pool. I look at the as another way to get circulation as well as "skimmer clogged with toys" insurance for my pump.

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