I went to start up the pool for this year and the pump would kick on for a total of a second and then kick off. It will continue to kick on and off every few seconds. I noticed the check system light would flash on for less then a second after it kicks off. And then it seems like the unit resets and repeats the kick on kick off cycle. I reset the programming and stopped getting the cycling. I figured it was trying to run during the programmed times and saw the pump was off so tried to turn it on. I then tried pushing the buttons on the keypad for the other relays (lights, aux2, aux1). All relays do the same thing and nothing is hooked up to lights or aux1. I can hear the relay kick on and off. I have had the main board replaced once already about a year ago. Is there anything I can test to make sure its the board before dropping more $$ at this thing?