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Thread: Help getting started

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    Help getting started

    I am renting a home with a 28,000 gallon in-ground pool. I'm stoked, but I have never taken care of one before. I've read through the pool school links and have a few questions. I don't have any levels to give since I just moved into the house in November and have yet to open the pool. However, when I looked under the cover, the water level is at about 3/4 full and the water looks perfectly clear with no growths.

    I will be buying supplies monthly. What chemicals do I need to buy and about how much to get through the month? What are good brands that aren't overly expensive?

    Can anyone give me an idea of the usage of chemicals for my size pool? For instance, how much chlorine should I expect to use? What would be a dosage of shock treatment and the other chemicals if my levels are off? I haven't found any information that gives me a good idea of how long, for instance, a bottle of algaecide will last (or any other chemicals for that matter).

    How easy is it for levels to get out of whack if I'm properly maintaining my pool? For instance, pool school says that I should check chlorine levels every day and adjust accordingly. What is the typical daily fluctuation?

    I have been told that my size pool should go through a 3" chlorine tab per two days, but stores sell buckets by the pound. How many tabs should I expect to get in a 10-lb bucket?

    Sorry for the fifty million questions! I just want to make sure I know as much as possible before I open the pool. The last thing I want is to mess it up, especially since my landlord was nice enough to rent it to a novice. Lastly, I would love to get in contact with a few people that have pools similar to mine in case I have any questions going along. I will be posting the pump info and whatnot today as soon as I get that from the landlord (waiting on her reply text).

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    Re: Help getting started

    Read Pool School, then read it again. Plenty of information there. Then come back with questions as you go.

    I wish my renters were as concerned with the pool at one of my properties...
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    Re: Help getting started

    The only thing that we're sure you'll need is chlorine. If you keep reading Pool School you'll see that tabs aren't the best form of chlorination. We recommend using liquid (bleach).

    Until you get a good test kit and run a full set of tests we don't know what you'll need or how much. Typically you want to shoot for 2 to 3 ppm FC loss per day. That equates to about 1 gallon of 8% bleach per day or about 30 gallons per month. Keep in mind that grocery store bleach doesn't come in gallon jugs so you'll have to do the math to figure how many to buy.

    It would also be a good idea to put as much info about your pool and equipment as you can in your sig.
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