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Thread: New pool supply man

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    New pool supply man

    I wish I had found this first, but oh well. Our pool chemical man died last year, so we have a new supplier of pool chemicals in our area. Had the water tested today, purchased recommended chemicals and headed back to work. I still have questions, thought I could call them back later but the pool supply place has closed for the day. We started a few weeks ago with a green pool netted out the leaves, shocked it, brushed it. It's now more of a milky blue with a hint of green. We've been continually brushing, backwashing etc. These are the results from today's test.

    FC .1
    TC .1
    pH 6.5
    Hardness 60
    Alkalinity 0
    CYA 20
    Copper .32
    Iron 0

    I have stabalizer, floculant and super blue at the house. So I purchased the Alkalinity plus and Calcium Increaser and a bottle of Algecide and 3 in chlorine tabs. I have a 14,000 gallon vinyl lined above ground pool. He told me to balance the water it will clear up. That doesn't sound right, it seems I remember my old pool guy telling me to kill the algae and clear the water first, then get the chemicals right. Which way is right?

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    Re: New pool supply man

    My first suggestion is to read the pool school link in the upper right of this page a couple of times.

    After that if these test results are to be trusted you need to increase your pH

    Then it would be best to follow the shock procedure in the pool school link, this will require that you have a good test kit though, see the link in my signature, as proper shocking procedure takes time and requires frequent testing and chlorine addition. The Pool store / service approach to dumping a lot of chlorine in all at once and hope for the best, if it does not work just repeat puts chlorine levels insanely high, so high that they can damage the liner of vinyl pools.
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    Re: New pool supply man

    Thanks for the info. One other question. We have a skimmer and floor drain, should they both be open at all times? There is a T valve under the skimmer and a flap that will close that drain. Not sure the function of that. Thanks.

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    Re: New pool supply man

    How are you testing the PH and alkalinity? Those are my 1st concerns as if your TA is truly zero, the PH is likely around 4.5 and can damage your pool surface/equipment. If those are accurate readings, I would suggest raising PH to 7.2 using Borax as soon as possible. Then you can worry about clearing the water.
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    Re: New pool supply man

    It was tested on the computer at the pool supply store. Borax, like what you buy at walmart?? How much would I add?

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    Re: New pool supply man

    Quote Originally Posted by Rcg76
    Thanks for the info. One other question. We have a skimmer and floor drain, should they both be open at all times? There is a T valve under the skimmer and a flap that will close that drain. Not sure the function of that. Thanks.
    I just experimented with the balance. I closed down the skimmer and opened the main drain until the swirling in the skimmer started to look different, then backed off a hair. The main drain is mostly to prevent temperature stratification.

    Now, to the important part: pH!!! I sure hope that was just a typo.

    If you haven't got one yet, go order a proper test kitnow. You'll be working blind without it, at the mercy of the new pool supply man. You'd have better luck painting a masterpiece in a dark room.

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