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Thread: No bubbles in my Spa

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    No bubbles in my Spa

    First time poster and second season pool owner. I have a 20x30 in ground pool with attached spa. Just had the pool opened last week. I turned on the air blower for the spa and there are no bubbles coming into the spa (normally it resembles a rapid boil). I can hear the blower motor, so I know that is functioning. I can feel some water coming through the jets but no air or bubbles. The valve is turned to the on position. Is there a plug or something close to the blower motor that could have been over looked during opening? The spa heats just fine, just no bubbles. I've seen some mention of check valves. Any suggestions or advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: No bubbles in my Spa

    Welcome to TFP!!!

    Sounds like something is blocking the blower air from going through the pipes. May want to pull the blower off and see if any thing is obvious.

    Add some pictures of the pad and we can help identify any valves if you like. (although I an not aware of any valves on a blower).
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    Re: No bubbles in my Spa

    Thanks Jbizz.. I pulled the blower motor off the pipe. Directly beneath that was what I believe to be a check valve?...i was able to depress it and it appeared to be spring loaded. When I depressed it, it moved up and down maybe an inch and a small burst of air came out. So it appeared to be pressurized. I turned on the blower motor (while off the pipe and holding in my arms) and i could feel a substantial amount of air coming from it. So, I believe the blower motor is functioning and I think the check valve (or whatever that is inside the pipe) is also working. One thing, I thought I could hear a gurgling of water inside that pipe. Is that normal? Should there be water in there? Still no bubbles in the tub. Someone suggested blowing out the pipe with a shop vac, but how much more air could a shop vac have then the blower motor?! Also, this site is a great resource for a first time pool owner such as myself. I love it.

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