I had a leak, crack in the bottom of my skimmer last year (6/12) I used a 2 part putty, water weld it seems to be holding fine and still waterproof, but I am looking for a sealant to cover the whole bottom of the skimmer and keep it sealed incase the old crack grow or putty ever starts to break down or up, I have a pond so I was thinking of using some 45 mil. to cover the complete bottom of the skimmer from the inside and just cut out or extend the outlet of the skimmer, Pond suppliers have a glue to seal liners, but that is for liner to liner (rubber) so I don't know if it will adhere to plastic skimmer. The web has to much to offer when I search waterproof or underwater sealant, goop, flex seal, bathtub caulk, Please any advise would keep me from still guessing, pool will be opened in about 2 weeks, Thank you