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Thread: VERY low ph and ta reading.

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    VERY low ph and ta reading.

    Long story short, I got volunteered to help someone I barely know with their pool since I got mine looking SO awesome. Being the nice person I am, I don't mind sharing the knowledge I've learned here. I just don't want to make any mistakes. I was brought a water sample and this is what I got: cya 180, fc 0, ph turned a bright yellow, ta turned bright red with second drops right off the bat, ch 40. Since Google is my friend, i found that the reading for ph and ta suggest extremely low numbers. I haven't seen the pool myself yet but was told when the mesh cover was removed, it's a dark swampish green that had tons of leaves in it. I told them to vacuum to waste as much as they could after scooping the leaves out.
    My main question is......After continuing to dilute the water enough to reach a sensible cya reading, which should be worked on next? The ph or ta? Doesn't baking soda raise them both so they'd just need a boatload of that in addition to some MA to bring down ph if it gets out of hand? A little more info on the pool: 30k gallon, inground vinyl, no water features, cared for by a poolguy who has a thing for powdered 'shock'.
    *sigh* I know I'm probably gonna regret this. It is what it is though. They wanted me to come over and do everything but they don't understand it's not a one day fix. They live too far for me to go back and forth everyday.... I have kids and a life of my own. I 'think' if I explain how badly the poolguy has messed their pool up, hopefully they'll open their eyes and see things need to change. If they don't want to get responsible, there is absolutely nothing I can do but atleast I tried to help someone.
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    Re: VERY low ph and ta reading.

    Hi there...

    Print this out for them. But also have them visit this site so they can learn for themselves...

    Yes, the water needs to be diluted in half (if the CYA test is accurate). We usually recommend circulating the water first before testing - the numbers may change. If the numbers are accurate 50% of the water should be replaced. Then tackle the PH. Baking Soda raises TA, to raise both you should use Soda Ash or Arm and Hammer Washing Soda. Or you can use Borax which raises PH in combination with Baking Soda for the TA. The PH is more important than the TA level - just so you know.

    Then begin shocking and following the steps in the article I linked to above.

    Good luck!
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