Have had a plain and simple concrete decking around a simple fiberglass pool backed up to marsh in SC since 2005. We didn't want to pay extra for some fancy texture or surface because it was a simple and economical ("cheap") installation.

I think it's done well. But over time, the decking toward the marsh has settled a bit and there are is a very unsightly crack in one large section. And some of the formed/curved surface that binds to the pool is cracking/flaking off as well.

I've only got one estimate. I was thinking I wanted to just replace the damaged section, but the contractor said it'd be cheaper to cut the crack and bond with epoxy injection, remove 3' of cantilever that's breaking and replace, and grind toe stub, and cut down face of cantilever (the slab joints don't extend all the way around and into the pool, and there are micro fractures). I think all that is awesome and a steal for $120 and 15' or cracks.

For the actual surface (so everything blends in and looks nice) he want's to apply high polymer cement spray texture to all the deck and then paint two coats of color sealer with the second coat non-slip additive. I guess this is the middle land between a bare slab and the more fancy stamped options.

1. Is $2.50 per square foot reasonable for the resurface in SE United States?
2. What is the practical longevity to this new textured/painted surface?

Thanks for any and all comments/suggestions!