We started to open our pool a few weeks ago, but decided to wait because of the maples trees in our neighbor's yard...didn't want all those seed pods in our pool. Well, I swear it has been raining since then and I have watched our pool cover start stretching and weak areas start appearing in the weave, so yesterday we started siphoning the water off. We siphoned for 24 hours, but I stopped about an hour ago because I'm pretty certain we are draining the pool as we do this. I was able to get water out of the pool by just reaching under the cover a few weeks ago and now the level is down several inches...maybe even 6 or so. I don't think we have a leak. The water under the cover looks clear, but obviously the water I can see on the cover is green and full of leaves. My hope is that someone can suggest a way to minimize the damage the cover is going to cause as we pull it back. Should we go ahead and start adding water back to the pool by slipping the hose under the cover or would this just cause more sinking? Kinda feeling stuck.