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Thread: Rocks clogged in skimmer line

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    Rocks clogged in skimmer line

    Hi There,
    I'm brand new to owning and caring for a pool. Ive recently moved into a house with an older inground pool (about 25 years old I think). The concrete deck around the pool was shifting and in poor condition so I decided to have new concrete poured. During the excavation they knocked the skimmer off the pipe and doing so, the pipe got filled with rocks and sand. My dad and I dug out the skimmer, removed it and exposed the pipes. There is a big black pipe (that is the one that is filled with rocks) and a smaller white one that is capped. .hopefully you understand what I'm talking about, because I'm not sure that I do

    My questions are (a) what is the function of those pipes, (b) how on earth do I unclog it? The stones and sand are packed in really firmly.

    Thank you so much
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    Re: Rocks clogged in skimmer line

    Normally black pipe is not used in pools so are your sure that is a pool pipe and not a DWV pipe for the house?
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    Re: Rocks clogged in skimmer line

    Not knowledgeable enough to know what you are depicting in your pictures. If you removed the skimmer I am assuming that is the suction pipe to the pump. You can run a drain king also called a cobra water bladder available at lowes or home depot through the hole inside the pump (remove basket). Make sure bladder is inserted at least 6 inches into pipe. Turn the jandy valve to close off the main drain. Turn on the water and the bladder seals the pipe from backflow and forces water through the pipe and will cause the rocks to be forced out. Make sure someone watches the bladder because it can be forced out and then will expand and break.

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    Re: Rocks clogged in skimmer line

    Better pictures would help. I'd try a shop vacuum. Maybe even rig up some kind of reducer with a funnel and duct tape so I could stick a narrow pipe down in there. I recall seeing a TV commercial where a guy lifted a bowling ball with a shop vacuum, so it would be worth a try if you have a shop vacuum or can borrow one.
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