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Thread: Thinking about a DIY build

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    Thinking about a DIY build

    Hello everyone and thanks for all the info and knowledge that is shared on this website, I have learned so much in the past few months. I am debating a DIY build where I sub out most of the work or a PB build. Any thoughts on this from the pros that have done it themselves. Also where can I go for design and engineering support to submit to the city, I have some rough ideas draw up but need something professional? I have looked a bit on the web but have not really found a company or person in my area (South Jersey), that provides that kind of stuff. I want to go the DIY sub it out way because I am a stickler for quality and for the best of options so I feel that doing it this way may save me money but still allow me to purchase the best equipment and build to the best specs. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Thinking about a DIY build

    Fair enough but do you know enough about the various trades to fufill the roll as project manager and do you have experience dealing with various types of trades?
    I'm just wondering if a reputable company will save you alot of headaches, if your a stickler for quality you can still interject yourself at each phase of the project and if there's a problem you deal with the contractor, just don't let the money get too far ahead of the project.

    Just a suggestion, if you can find a good contractor to manage the sub-contractors it may be worth it.
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    Re: Thinking about a DIY build

    Above Ground or in ground... I just played project manager for mine and everything turned out perfect.
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    Re: Thinking about a DIY build

    Go for it!!! I have built three houses acting as the general contractor, the first house after I started I thought wth have I got myself into , then when We finished and realized how much money we saved and the quality was as good as any full time builder We said lets do it again , this time we did much more research and saved even more money, the third house we built was paid for free and clear by the first two(partial thanks to realestate boom ) but we did a lot of work ourselves and again research,research and research some more (ocd) . Research as much as you can and you can do it. remember its only rocket science without research.
    As mentioned above hire a professional pool builder to act as a consultant . and remember this one thing of you go for it, there is always some contractor out there that will try and take you for a ride, its a sad reality but so very true . best of luck to you ...

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    Re: Thinking about a DIY build

    I just last year DIY'd my inground pool and small pool house. 18x39' inground grecian, 8' deepend, in wall step , in wall ladder, laminars, and diving board....
    Much of it is very easy to do but quite a bit a second set of hands helps a lot. Probably paid less than half doing it my self. I was able to upgrade tons givin the savings!
    I hired a pool digger to dig, and had a buddy do the concrete work. I helped a little on the concrete. Not much as i know little there....
    Electrical I did, plumbing and all other install.
    The only thing that sucked...was the pool krete bottom!!!!!!

    One thing is you need to have a decent amount of time, know what you want, and be very hands on and able to learn and adapt.....
    Also I bought the kit from a local pool shop and the owner was a ton of help if I needed a quick question.
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    Pentair Easy Touch 8 & actuators,...Now looking to BBB

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