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Thread: 1st Opening - Question about "Start-up Kits"

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    1st Opening - Question about "Start-up Kits"

    Ok ok ok, I know, thanks to TFP, I should be able to open my pool WITHOUT "start up kits".

    But I bought the start-up kit back at in the fall when I bought my closing kit - this was when I was just starting to understand and all of its infinite wisdom!!!

    So now I have this start-up kit that I would really prefer to use so as to not throw away the money (already failed to sell it to a friend).

    Haven't peeked under the cover yet (plan to do that tonight), but plan to start the opening process on Friday so I have all weekend to tend to it. Filling with city water.

    Here is the link to the start-up kit I have, can anyone comment on why I should throw it out and waste the money vs "yeah, it's safe to use it THIS time, just don't do it next year!"

    (15,000 gallon size) ... ine-Shock/

    And I also have links to what I believe are the individual components:
    - ... Algaecide/
    - ... Clarifier/
    - ... tain-Away/
    - ... ool-Shock/

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: 1st Opening - Question about "Start-up Kits"

    To make it simple, the algaecide isn't needed if your chlorine levels are appropriate (if it's not polyquat most people would advise staying away). Clarifier isn't needed if your water is balanced, stain away... do you have stains? Clarity and stain advice is given on a per case basis, depending on what the problems are. The shock would be ok to use if your CH levels aren't too high. The rest of it would be adding chemicals that aren't needed.

    side note: I still have a few things that are years old from prior to the BBB switch. Such as 10+ lbs of 1" tablets and 15+ lbs cal-hypo granules.

    Just used some stabilizer this year that I haven't touched since 2010.
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    Re: 1st Opening - Question about "Start-up Kits"

    I believe that "Sun Sorb" is a thing that absorbs oils off the top of your water. Those things are nice.
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    Re: 1st Opening - Question about "Start-up Kits"

    36 bucks, just scrap it. If it's not required it's not required.
    Don't mess with the water just to satisfy a sense of value.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Re: 1st Opening - Question about "Start-up Kits"

    Post it on Craig's List!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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