On my filter valve, I have a standard 1-1/2" port for the discharge hose (backwash). The thread on this is standard (NPT?) and accepts the sched 40 PCV threaded fittings you'd find at the usual supply houses.

I grew tired of replacing the cheap plastic hose generally used for pool discharge and purchased a water discharge hose meant for a trash pump. This is 1-1/2" PVC reinforced hose and has "Pin Couplings", male at one end and female at the other. The thread on these couplings (i think) is NH-NST?

So - the question is - can anyone help me validate the thread type of each? I think what I need to connect the hose to my filter is an adapter like: Female Thread 1-1/2" NPT to Male Thread 1-1/2" NH(NST). The NPT female would use a short coupler in to the filter, and the NH Male would allow me to connect the Female (pin coupling) end of my water discharge hose.

Any input/feedback is appreciated!