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Thread: What to add to pool to correct chemical readings

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    What to add to pool to correct chemical readings

    Just starting up my pool for summer. We drained and put it away for winter. We filled it up, and added salt and shocked (with bag of super shock) the pool so far, water is clear and here are my readings:
    Salt 2170 CL 5 Br 10 PH 6.8 FC 4 CC .5 TA 20 CYA 0 CH 50 Copper 0

    This is my second year at owning a pool so any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: What to add to pool to correct chemical readings

    Well, your TA needs to come up to say 70 or 80. You add baking soda to bring that up. You pH should come up with that. You also need CYA in there. SInce you are running a SWCG, we recommend a CYA of 60 to 80. Therefore, you should add enough to get you to 60. Use the Pool Calculator (link in my sig line) to calculate the dosages for each chemical. I would also imagine that your salt needs to come up. You need to raise the salt level up to what your manual says to raise it to.

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    Re: What to add to pool to correct chemical readings

    I would raise your TA to ~ 60 ppm with baking soda as Mag suggested and that will raise ph but just a little bit (0.1 or so), but you will probably need to raise it further. For that I would use borax to raise the ph up into the recommended range of 7.5-7.8.

    How much salt did you add? Did you give it some time to dissolve before you tested? I run my intex swg at about 3200-3400 ppm at the beginning of the year. See:
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