10' x 30" Metal Frame Intex Pool.

First Issue... Some of the legs will not straighten. Seems the belt around this pool is a bit too small for the legs to do that. The pool IS level to a 1/4 inch, but I had to take two of the legs on either side of the pool OUT of the belt to be able to get all of them to stand straight. If I put even just ONE of those legs back inside the belt and try to straighten the rest that are inside, at least 2 other legs pull in. And No, completely filling the pool did not resolve the problem. Has anyone else had to do this? Is it ok to do this. I know a few people will probably say not to do it, but we had to. Is it the quarter inch off level that is causing that?

Second issue. The pump that came with it, Krystal Clear 530(?) GPH, is kinda noisy. It's not loud until you get right next to it, but you can hear it from about 5 feet way. It honestly sounds like a pond fountain pump that's going bad. The impeller is intact. The filter that came in it is in right, though there is a little wiggle room all the way around it. Do these littel filters just do that or are they supposed to be more silent? The filter is also setting upright and level.

3rd issue. The inlet and outlet do not flush with the liner. In the pictures and videos it's flush against the wall. We have them pushed in as far as they can go, but the back rubber that you insert the connectors through sticks out enough on the side that it allows us to see that they won't go any further in. The blue plastic pieces are right up against the black rubber as far as they will go. The weight of the water filled hose line pulls down on them and they tilt even more. Is this ok? Should I try to prop the hoses with something so the inlet and outlet are more straight?